16 April 2012

what i feed my kids {part 2}

Last month I shared a few of our lunches with you to get out of the pb+j rut we were in.
Today I've got a little meal plan for you.
When we went away with Lute for his birthday, I made my mom a list of meal ideas for the kids,
and I've kept it taped to the fridge so that when I am not sure what to whip up,
there is a list right in front of me with a good variety, and they are things I know they'll eat
without a fuss. That's key to my sanity.

We do most of our shopping at Trader Joe's, which I love because nothing has
 preservatives or high fructose corn syrup and it doesn't break the bank.
If I am buying stuff at the the main grocery store, I am an avid label checker.
I am not a nut job about it (I was when I only had one), but I try to give my kids the best stuff possible. So when you see yogurt, popsicles, cereal, mac n cheese, hot dogs and whatnot on the list below, keep in mind I try to get the best version of those things that I can.

Here is our list, which has been pretty successful with the boys:

breakfast choices
toast w/pb+honey
(+fruit with each: melon, grapes, berries, banana, etc.)
(one of these)
crackers with cream cheese
1/2 bagel with cream cheese 
1/2 pb+j
hot dog, sliced
slice of bread toasted with cheese on top (open face grilled cheese)
1/2 tuna sandwich
cheese, crackers and turkey
(+two of these)
frozen peas
cheese sliced into sticks
almonds (only a few at a time)
dried cranberries
same as above
pasta with spaghetti sauce and cream cheese
mac n cheese with peas mixed in
roasted broccoli
carrot sticks (steamed to al dente)
pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter
apple slices
graham crackers with peanut butter or nutella
cereal bars
frozen “gogurt”
special treat: lollipop or popsicle

Hope this is helpful to you all!
And speaking of meal plans:
don't forget! This Friday we are doing our Meal Plan Link Up Party!
If you need a little inspiration, hop on over to see the plan Sarah made for you at
Racing Towards Joy. (Including a shopping list and recipes!)
And if you're feeling intimidated or like you're not really a cook,
 just remember pinterest :)
So excited to see what you all have!


  1. I definitely fall into the "nut job" category. ;) But in my defense, I only have 1, and at least I can admit to it. ;) We are getting our first Trader Joes in our area soon, I'm excited to see how I like it. My sis-in-law lived in California for a while and LOVES it. I'm a big fan of Whole Foods and Sprouts so I'm curious how TJ will compare.

    1. I think you'll LOVE it. Prices are a lot more reasonable because there is no middle man - it's all TJ's brands, pretty much. I love Whole Foods, too, but it's a bit far and the prices are a little steep. You're allowed to be a nut job with your kids! :)