01 April 2012

weekends are the best. (and so is my gramps.)

I loved this weekend. I did some hair, had an exhilarating afternoon of thrifting, took my oldest to a movie with his cousins, went to a few parks with Nick and the boys, went to church and discovered Draw Something. Do you play? Let's be friends.

But the best part of the weekend was celebrating my wonderful Grandpa. He had his 87th birthday this week, and my super hip Grams planned a little dinner at a restaurant by the sea, serving up his favorite: fish 'n chips. 

I love my family so much. I hope they know it... I think they're pretty much the best folks around.
for george, anywhere there is food is a happy place. 
he was so stoked for "gweat-papa's pah-ty!" 
(yeah, pretty much sounds like "potty".)

dear God, I would like to be as cool as my grandparents when I am in my 70s and 80s.
or now. that'd be fine, too.

 and yeah, the cake was good, in case you were wondering. 

oh my sweet Lola May. i love your squishy cheeks.

my Mom got all crafty with her gifts. of course, she is amazing.

eddie loves aunt stacy and didn't leave her side for the entire party. 
they're pretty cute together.

the redheads. two of my favorite ladies for sure.

Also in attendance, but not pictured: Nick, my brother in law, and my dad. They're pretty neat, too.
I have felt so blessed lately. God has been good to us, and I am so thankful for the beauty and love 
I've experienced through my family.
And an extra special prayer of gratitude for the amazing man that my Gramps is,
for the example he has set. 
For his wisdom and humor and unconditional love.
You're one of the best around, Grandpa. Love you!

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  1. ooooh. You're gonna be in trouble. I had to pretend Stacy didn't attend. And hey, can somebody do something about your mom's hair? She's looking kind of raggedy. Was a fun par-tay for sure! Love those parties!

  2. so so sweet! hooray for celebrations with family.
    you do have some hip grands. love all the pics!

    and love you. xo

  3. Sigh. what a lovely weekend and fun party!!! Family is such a special thing. I too hope I am half as cool as my grandparents when I get to be their age! They rock! Big glasses and all ;-)


  4. my husband and i have been staying up late playing draw something with each other... while sitting right next to each other. it's basically a competition of who's worst, really. haha

    looks like you had a lovely weekend!

  5. Grandpa's are the best! So much wisdom and sass : ) By their age they've earned the right to say and do whatever they want (pretty much!) Looks like such a special family time.

  6. Sweet family. I know you have a fun time!

  7. My grandpa inspires me too! I absolutely adore him! He will be 86 this summer and he's still working a little job and driving around!

  8. what a blessing to have your grandparents around. I lost all of mine when I was young and it saddens me that my children will never get to meet them. cherish each day :)

  9. i should say my FUTURE children :)