11 April 2012


It's time to get thankful, peeps.
What's blessed you this week? 

I am grateful for my friend, Esther, who sent me this:
She happened to send it about 12 minutes after I nearly lost my marbles because my children went all Lord of the Flies on me. Things were getting all kinds of cah-razy up in here. 

I am also very thankful for this delicious recipe.
Nap time was super short for the little men today,
so we did some baking to pass the time. 
And they were delicious.
Make them, I think you’ll feel better about life.
I’m also grateful for all of the links over the last couple of weeks.
You guys have seriously brought it, and I have loved reading as you share your hearts.
Can’t wait to see what you’ve got this week.
Grab a button, link up and visit some new friends!
Happy Thursday!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. What a great printable! Totally know how you feel about the kiddos. Some days....*sigh*

  2. i'm glad to be of service! it's never fun to be ganged up on.

  3. will definitely be trying that oatmeal cookie recipe soon... yum. and love the printable, such a good reminder. ps- my husband and i are going to our first adoption seminar nest weekend... looking forward to it. thanks for all you share here on your blog about adoption, i've enjoyed reading some of your older posts.

  4. thanks for linking up. and yay for quotas like the one your friend sent, just at the right moment

  5. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sound amazing RIGHT now! Thanks!!

  6. I love what your friend sent you - that is so true & beautiful!!
    You are too funny - your kids when "all Lord of the Flies" on you. Great reference ;)
    Anywho, thanks for the great link-up! I have one too, hope you join in :D
    Have a lovely rest of this beautiful day! ox