18 April 2012

{thankful}: unplug, tune in, breathe.

I'm thankful for a lot of little things.
I love that George wants to be held most of the day. It does drive me a little crazy sometimes,
but knowing that it won't last much longer, I'm soaking it up.
I love that Eddie climbs into bed with me every morning 
when it's still dark and falls right back to sleep for another two hours in my arms. 
I am thankful and wistful as I watch Lute gain courage and confidence and a little independence as he explores the world around him.

I have it good.
And sometimes I take that for granted.
I feel like I've been tuning into the wrong things for the past little while.
Too much television watching, blogging, tweeting, phone checking, facebooking, pinning
and not enough reading, reflecting, playing, connecting, being.
I think my brain needs a reset to find the balance. 
So after our little meal plan link up party tomorrow (are you ready??), I'm going to unplug for the week. 
I'm going to play more tag, Chutes and Ladders and CandyLand.
I'm going to build forts and have picnics and make a lot of hot chocolate.
I'm going to read actual books and journal and spend time in prayer.
I'll probably bake a time or two, and hopefully fit in a few runs.
I'm going to snuggle and read stories and go to bed early.

I love this little space and all of the amazing people I have connected with, 
so I am likely going to miss it a bit. 
But I think sometimes I can be so connected, that I miss out on connecting with the 
people right under my nose.

So here is to a week away and recharging... See you in seven!


What are you grateful for this week?
I love reading yours stories and lists and seeing your fantastic photos.
Grab a button and link up your post of gratitude: 
for the big and the small,
the easy and the difficult, 
the lovely and the delicious.

You guys are the best!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

and i'm linking up with these lovelies! black tag diaries, the fontenot four and first day of my life


  1. It is SO important to take "blog breaks" enjoy your time away!

  2. Enjoy your break!! I think I need one too ;) Hope you have a great time and a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I too take what I have been blessed with for granted. It's nice to step back and remember what's important. Thanks for hosting again!

  4. That actually sounds like a REALLY good idea! My husband sometimes gets frustrated that I'm more worried about getting a blog post out than I am about lisening to his silly stories or jokes. I think I could definitely use a little more "real life." :)

  5. First off, thanks for linking up to First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday <3
    Second off, you do have it good. You are so blessed :) What a beautiful life you lead!!
    Oh and yay - board games!!! :) i need to do my weekly meal plan - would make my life easier for sure lol

  6. I think unplugging would be a good idea for me too!

  7. Great post, Carina. I should too. ;) No little ones to hold in my arms anymore. But I do have connections to keep going. ;)

  8. hi Carina!
    i found you on Black Tag Diaries Thankful Thursday link up. I look forward to linking up with you every week too!