04 April 2012

{thankful} new friendships.

I have been blessed with some amazing friends in my life.
There is something beautiful about the shared experiences,
different perspectives, understanding, compassion,
laughter and joy that come from true friendship.
I have dear friends that have moved far away that I miss so much.
I have new friends nearby that I love getting to know and spending time with.
I feel so blessed that the women in my family truly are my friends through and through.

But what I am most surprised by are the genuine friendships that have come from this little blog.
I have met people that make me laugh, inspire me, understand me,
challenge me, encourage me and pray for me.
Women who are growing in their faith, learning through motherhood, changing the world,
spreading joy, and sharing their stories. 
Sharing their triumphs, their struggles, their truth.
And I really have been changed because of it.
This week I am thankful for these women.
For silly twitter chats, for kind and engaging emails.
For the possibility of meeting someday soon and encouraging each other in real life.
I am so thankful.
You can meet some of these lovelies through the buttons on my sidebar.
(there are more. many more.)
It was on my heart to forego sponsoring for awhile so I could highlight some of the blogs
that are a little light in my life. I want you to meet them.
I know you'll love them, too.

So, thanks ladies. Thanks for the encouragement and love and quirkiness.
You brighten my days!


Now it's your turn! What has blessed you this week?
Something obvious, something unexpected. A kindness, a nudge, an accomplishment,
a gift, a good workout, a nap, time alone, time with others...
What are you grateful for?
Grab a button, share your story, and go encourage some of the other friends who have linked up!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. Also been thanking God for beautiful friends!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how people across the country and the world can touch your lives so dramatically? I am so thankful for discovering this wonderful bloggy world!! Linking up with you today :)

  3. It is amazing all the wonderful friends I have found through blogging! Thanks for linking up with me!

  4. Aww, I love the internet relationships I've forged over the years...they have been some of the most precious of my life.

  5. Aren't blog friends the best?! :)

  6. Such a wonderful idea to keep folks thinking about their blessings! I had to stretch myself to make a list this week, but it was so worth it. I'll try to keep on making lists and blog them every now and then! It helps to remember.

  7. Amen! and love that graphic :)

  8. I love these!

    (And I'm also hosting a Thankful Thursdays link-up - would love for you to come join in! :))

  9. Oh what a wonderful, amazing post :)
    Thank you for the great linkup and the new friendship!

  10. i am thankful for you! and excited to go to portland with you in june!!

  11. love this. so true. so thankful for you and our friendship...one of these days we'll get to hug in person. im a hugger by the way. be warned.

  12. I am thankful for possibilities and planing an putting thoughts into action, then sharing. I am thankful that I am inspired/delighted by so much around me everyday. I am thankful for love.

  13. GIRL. thanks so much for being my friend here in this crazy blog world. I am BLESSED by you and by your heart!!!! :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

  14. Thought of you last night. Did you happen to watch, Tent City USA on OWN Network. It grabbed my heart out of my chest. Watch it if you didn't.

    I am thankful for this life, the ups and downs, everything in between. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made through blogging. They have sustained me on many of my weak days.

    Happy Easter friend.

  15. friend you are a treasure. so happy this friendship has emerged through the blog world. happy easter!