25 April 2012

{thankful} my kids, jillian michaels and cake

My week unplugged was just what I needed.
It gave me a little perspective on just how much time I am spending staying caught up, 
and showed me how to find some balance.
God pressed into my heart some new truths and I feel excited about that.
I spent time with the boys painting and exploring parks and eating ice cream.
I also started back up with Jillian, which I am excited about, and also not.
Girlfriend doesn't mess around, that's for sure. I'm sore, to say the least.
I took some "before" shots, which are purely for my benefit because nobody on earth needs to see them. But it's motivating me to keep running, to get Ripped in 30 (pretty sure it's gonna take longer than that) and to hook back up with My Fitness Pal
(Are you on there? Be my friend: carinalee.)

And speaking of healthy habits, I also whipped this up:

You can see why I started back up with a routine, can'tcha?
That's the cake I made last year for my husband's fundraiser that brought in $1,100.
They asked me to make it again this year, and I was happy to oblige, 
and make a second cake for us. Obviously.
I am thankful for family and friends I could pass along more than half to, otherwise I'd be in sorry shape. 
I can't say no to chocolate. It's a sickness.

I'm reposting the recipe for you all, because it's actually pretty easy and more than pretty delicious.
Super Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake
(adapted from allrecipes.com)
1 3/4 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups flour
1 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup boiling water
Grease and flour two round 8" pans.Whisk together the sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add the eggs, milk, oil and vanilla and mix on medium speed for a couple of minutes. Carefully add in boiling water and mix thoroughly. 
Pour into prepared pans, tap lightly on the counter to release any air, and bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick tests clean. 

Once the cakes were cooled, I cut each in half and filled the layers with chocolate butter cream, 
and then covered it with whipped chocolate ganache
And if you're feeling really fancy, you can top it all off with dark chocolate shavings. 
Fancy is good.

To sum up: I'm thankful for time with my kids, a healthy new routine, motivation and chocolate. It was a good week.

How about you? Tell me your stories.

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  1. Oh my. That cake looks amazing. What kind of fundraiser is it for?

    Thanks for the great link up :)

  2. seriously with that cake? ridiculous!I would have paid $2100 for it. Glad you got some time with the kiddos. Also, I feel that I may need to start working out but I'm in serious denial.

  3. A $1000 cake?! YES! Someone loved their chocolate! That's awesome!!!

    And yes, Jillian is no joke! Funny I mentioned MFP in my TT post today as well :)

  4. Oh wow.. That looks divine!!! I must try that... soon :) I am glad you had a wonderful week of being unplugged. I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! Thanks for hosting the linkup!! ;)

  5. Now I want cake - for breakfast!

  6. That cake looks like a million bucks! Not a 1000$! And I'm totally with ya on Jillian. She is the person to get you those results. I downloaded some of her videos. It hurts to say the least but I do see some results! x

  7. Oh man, that cake looks amazing!

  8. Ironically, Hunter and I just talked this morning about how we have GOT to get our sweets intake under control... But I just looked at that cake and totally forgot why I would ever want to do such a thing? :) Can't wait to try it!

    1. oh man, right there with you, but seems impossible :)

  9. Found you through A Fontenot Four. Happy to follow you!

  10. okay, this recipe looks amazing! I am in awe that it sold for 1,100! What? I didn't know cake could do that?


    1. i know, it's crazy. but it was a dessert auction and a table of 10 went in on it together :) all for a good cause, but yeah, people love their chocolate!

  11. the cake AND whipped ganache? holla.

    Love you xoxo

  12. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! THAT CAKE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! New Follower via email :-)


  13. Oh my word, that looks SO good!

  14. Found your blog via Racing Towards Joy!
    I know the feeling of needed to get back on track with things, I'm on MyFitnessPal as well!

    And p.s. that cake does look wonderful, I'm sure it tastes delicious.

  15. Just found your blog the other day (I think it was through Take Heart, not sure) annnyyyways, LOVE LOVE LOVE your adoption story and all the stories about your three boys. They are so precious!!