08 March 2012

what i feed my kids

I have been snapping photos of our lunches lately.
See, we started to fall into a little bit of a pb+j rut. Which my kids don't mind at all,
but I had a little mama guilt over the whole thing.
So I thought it was time to expand a little and share it here.
I know I could always use new, fresh ideas for kid friendly fare.
So if you have some super yummy, nutritious go-tos, 
pleeeease share.

my kids appreciate straight forward, uncomplicated food.
sliced cheddar, blueberries, buttered wheat toast, almonds and carrot sticks.

cream cheese sandwiched between mini 12 grain crackers, cashews, dried blueberries, apple slices and oj.
apparently it worked, because my 4 year old asked me for the recipe.

orecchiette pasta with jarred marinara, cream cheese and parmesan and apple slices.
shaped pasta is always popular and my kids love the cream cheese/marinara combo.

cheesy toast, almonds, dried cranberries, bananas and milk.

cheesy broccoli scrambled eggs, buttered toast and milk.
eggs are my super easy go to, and my kids will eat almost any vegetable I throw in.
(they will not, however, eat the very same vegetable sitting plainly on their plate. 
at least not without one of us losing our minds in the process.)

ham and cheese roll ups and carrot sticks 
(steamed carrots for the littler two)

Even though pb+j is what they'd choose for every meal,
all of these meals were a huge success!
I am going to keep taking photos, if for nothing more than a little accountability,
and I'll share them here now and then for those who need a little inspiration.
What's on your menu this week?


  1. well done mama, looks great! i love that you give them Almonds, and that they eat them! I can't get my daughter to eat ANY nuts, it drives ME nuts!

  2. Those meals look both healthy and tasty! I just found your blog and joined immediately after reading your bio. I love Jesus too and think it would be awesome to adopt one day. :)

  3. I'm glad you snapped these photos, because we are in a pb&j rut big time around here. These looks so good, and so healthy.

    Thank you SO very much for your comment today. It meant a lot to me. I didn't know you were a convert too. :) I just thought you were born and raised Catholic. I love finding out things about my friends that I didn't know. I'm glad we have so much in common. I feel like I know your heart.


  4. These lunches look great. Just read your about section. Ive got a few little boys and my husband and I have always been open to adoption. Im excited to read more. New follower :)

  5. love these lunches! thanks for sharing, cutie mama.
    elijah LOVES nuts and raw veggies...anything that is super crunchy.

  6. ok so thankful you shared this - I really need more ideas. we SO get in a rut. THANKS!! and i love the cheddar and brocolli eggs idea. A would love that!

  7. Sadly, no kids yet. But I love how you switch up simple foods for kids. New follower! Hope you'll stop by and hello sometime.

  8. Hi Carnia! I found your blog via thee networking blog hop. LOVE it :)These are awesome lunch tips. I often have trouble coming up with what to feed my kiddos for lunch so thanks for sharing!
    XOXO *new follower* Ginny