18 March 2012

thanks, y'all!

We got back from our mini vacation last night and in a bout of excitement,
we woke the little guys to tell them we were home.
What ensued was over an hour of tag, wrestling matches, dancing, laughter,
book reading, and bowls of cereal.
So yeah, my kids were up until 11.
And nope, they didn't sleep any later than normal.
So, they are super fun today, let me tell you.

Thank you, Lord, for naps.

I was so excited when I saw how many of you linked up for thankful thursday!
That blesses me, friends!
I was standing in line for Peter Pan when I realized the linky didn't work, so sorry for that.
I am posting all your links so you all can click around and share in each other's blessings.
And if you haven't linked up, but you'd still like to, it's open until Tuesday:
be thankful every day!

And stay tuned this week for all things Disney, including my tips and tricks for taking preschoolers. I'm also going to share recipes and tips on meal planning.
Oh! And my boy is turning 5, so party with us!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it a challenge to get back into the swing of things after being gone for a few days? Thank goodness we had Sunday to recover. :)