07 March 2012

{thankful thursdays} disneyland!

Welcome to Thankful Thursdays!
This is a place to link up something you're thankful for this week.
It can be big or small, grand or subtle, a kindness from a friend or stranger,
a finished project, a nudge from above, a well deserved break, a word of encouragement.
Last week I was so blessed by the posts I read.
I was especially touched by a post from Small Town Joy, that talked about
hard things that are happening right now. And though it's hard, she was choosing
to look for the blessings to be grateful for. Thanks for your heartfelt post, Joy!

What are you grateful for this week?
I'd love for you to link up!

Here's what I am grateful for tonight:
this is happening:

One week from now we will be on a plane to California to take our oldest on a 
solo trip to Disneyland for his 5th birthday.
Yep, no brothers
Not sure if he is more excited about that, or the airplane or the hotel pool.
He might keel over when he walks into the happiest place on earth.
Heck, I might keel over.
I am thankful for so much.
Thankful that my super generous mom and amazing sis are coming to live with the boys for four days.
So grateful that my parents gave us all their miles to make our flights even possible.
In awe that a Christmas gift from the in laws pretty much took care of lodging.
Basically, this was meant to be, no?
All because of the love and generosity of our awesome families. 
And let's not forget how unbelievably thankful I am that my husband agreed
to this adventure. He is not always super stoked about traveling, so
this was huge and I know we are going to have enough fun 
to carry us on a traveling, sunshine induced, magic kingdom high 
for a good long time.

I daresay I'm more excited than my boy.
Wait, I know I am.
{downright giddy.}

Have you been to Disneyland? What was your favorite moment, ride, encounter?

Now, it's your turn!
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  1. Nice post
    Good blog
    I am following your blog with GFC
    now follow back my blog with GFC too

  2. We live in Southern California so D-land is in our neck of the woods. Your son is at the perfect age for Disneyland. Have fun!

  3. great post! hope you all have fun! i'm thankful for alot of things! don't even know where to begin! happy thursday!

  4. Awesome. That is so cool that he gets to go on a trip by himself with you guys!!! What a great memory for him. :-)

  5. Cannot wait to take our kids to the D-Land someday!! :)

  6. I'm grateful for the ah ha moment that I had this week. Really working on CHOOSING to be happy. It actually is in my hands after all.

    Also, thankful that I stumbled upon your blog! Have so much fun in Disneyland!