11 March 2012

style on a sunday

As we plan for our time away, I've been so anticipating some California sunshine.
I am even considering packing sooner than 6 hours before our flight.
Who am I?  

I've been dreaming of cute warmer weather wear, too...
Source: madewell.com

Source: shopruche.com

Source: lookbook.nu

Source: tomboyfemme.com

What are you dreaming of for spring?


  1. ooo, super cute outfits! i'm excited 1) for spring and 2) for after May, when I can wear non-maternity spring clothes! yay :) thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all of these outfits! So perfect.
    this just makes me want warm weather even more!

  3. I love that blazer with the longer denim shorts. Such a cute look!!

    I'm looking forward to more daylight and getting to spend time outside with people I love! :)

  4. I pinned that white lace top pic awhile back............wish it weren't vintage........I'll never find one as lovely!

  5. I want all of this. I'm heading north for Spring Break so unfortunately I'll be packing for cooler weather. Sigh....but seeing my best friend so makes it worth it. Enjoy your trip.

  6. LOVE the blazer and shorts look. Take pics of your outfits while away! I wish I had. Life is better when the sunshine is onyour skin!!

  7. Those outfits are so cute! When are you coming? I live in California :) The weather is not exactly sunshine right now but hopefully it changes.

  8. all the shoes. i need all of those shoes.
    also, i need disneyland. could y'all swing by and pick me up? :)

    love you!