20 March 2012

the post where i tell you my secrets

So, here's a little secret I'm gonna tell you:
I kinda wish I had the gumption to be a fashion blogger.
You cuties out there who strut your stuff and wear the adorable little outfits,
I think you're neat. 
Like, have you checked out Ilene? 'Cause she is pretty much adorable.
And I think that five years ago, I could've done it.
I shopped a lot more, and my clothes were a lot cleaner.
That leads into my second secret.

I've started escaping  leaving the house alone every week for a few hours.
I have a good friend who has a very sweet teenage daughter who is homeschooled,
so I told Nick I was going to budget in some weekly babysitting.
I felt guilty about it at first, but sometimes you need a little alone time, you know?
It's been amazing.
So a few weeks ago I thought I looked pretty cute. 
I took time to decide what I was wearing that day since I knew I'd be in public.

But then as I was sitting in a cushy chair at a bookstore, sipping my double tall no whip mocha and perusing some travel books,
 I noticed that I had peanut butter smeared on my clothes.
In three different places.
So what I am saying is, fashion blogging plus being the mama to three rascals probably just isn't going to happen.
But a girl can dream, right?

dress: max studio  boots: preview  cropped coat: frenchi socks: target  
brooch: vintage clip on earring I found in the vent of my 85 year old house 
(for real)
hair inspiration: right here and here on pinterest

Linking up with Lindsey for wiww and with mama kat (who I saw at disneyland!) who asked us to share a pin we've actually put into practice.
Come join the fun!


  1. I'll bet you really enjoyed that coffee!! I had the experience of taking ONE day from my maternity leave on my 1st baby to give the ONLY professional presentation I've ever given...driving there I looked down & spotted not peanut butter but bright yellow baby poop all over my pale cream trousers!! Oops!! Jennifer x

  2. this is the cutest post ever. i think that's awesome you are getting a little bit of me time...and i have totally been all over the town with smudges and smears from my littles. :)

  3. you are too cute - and i totally think that YOU CAN rock an outfit post!
    who says that those of us without babies don't rock PB in 3 different places on our clothes. PB is so yummy, sometimes you can't help it. ;)

  4. You look so cute every time I'm here!

  5. That dress is so adorable and I LOVE your hair!!

  6. this made me laugh out loud about the peanut butter!! hey at least you got out!! and you looked so darn cute girl!!!! :)

  7. im with you, I'd love to do outfit posts cause fashion is a big part of me, i love it. Except heres my issue....who the heck takes the pictures?! I could ask B and he would probably do it for me but by the time he gets home im like forget about it!

    P.S you are adorable, love the outfit, and im all about a little alone time sister.

  8. I love your brooch and I feel your pain about randomly finding stains.

  9. What a great outfit. And totally understand what you mean about the dirty clothes. I wore a white shirt on Monday and took it off after we got back to the house (after going to a playgroup) so that it wouldn't get dirty! I was thinking I was a bit crazy for wearing white with a 3 year old and 1 year old!

  10. Clean clothes are over rated. ;-) I think you look adorable!
    Peanut butter is proof you fed your kidlets. lol

  11. your outfit is adorable, and i love your hair!! it's so cute like that!!

    taking time for yourself is absolutely essential. i'm glad you are enjoying a few hours each week to just have time for 'you.' :)

  12. Love and adore your outfit and enthusiasm! Thank you for providing such fashionable inspiration.

    Have a well dressed day!

  13. Hooray for "me time" and a rockin' outfit too! Enjoy your day:D


  14. I stinkin love this post! I so relate to the "I look pretty cute today" feeling getting ruined by spit up, or mud, or peanut butter. Your adorbs with your pretty dress and cute boot socks!!

  15. I think you look ADORABLE! I love the dress, socks and boots! Good for you taking time for you! You can be WHATEVER you want to be!!

  16. I saw that hair braiding tutorial, tried it, and completely failed! You look great! You make me want to try it again. I also posted a hair tutorial for Mama Kat's http://www.theaums.com/2012/03/22/my-favorite-pinterest-pin-ever/