12 February 2012


That's what most of my weekend was: weird.
Only to me, though. My mom and dad took two of the boys for an overnight so I could paint
their room.
So I only had one kid. It was kind of surreal.
We took him to the zoo and he ran around like a wild monkey.
He and I ventured alone to the library, and we actually went unnoticed by the other patrons.
I have gone the entire weekend without running a load of dishes.

I guess he thought so, too.

He reveled in his alone time.
Nobody he had to share with...
...his dump truck or loaders or lollipops or mama.
It was all his, all the time.
We snuggled up to watch Jungle Book and about ten minutes in,
he turned to me, threw his arms around my neck and said, 
"I just love mama."
It's hard not to get a little teary about something like that.

Reentry has not been totally smooth for the brothers.
They missed each other, I suppose,
but they've managed 14 wrestling matches in the last three hours,
screamed at each other for turns with trucks, trains and Buzz...
but they've also sung together, giggled, eaten their lollipops,
and played To Infinity and Beyond (a very unfortunate game involving leaping from 
couch to chair and back again).
I think they feel a little incomplete without each other.

Parenting only one might be easier, and there might be less dishes to do,
but it is not nearly as entertaining (or panic-inducing).
I am happy my family is whole again.
And now off to do some dishes...


  1. What a sweet heartfelt post! I know it feels weird when I'm home by myself because I've got a brother and a sister that I live with at home with my dad and stepmom plus our renters, so when I have time by myself it's nuts, I like it, but I couldn't imagine my life without everyone in it!

  2. Oh that is too sweet, for real. I can't wait until my little guy gets older so we can have a day just like that!!


  3. He is so darn cute, can't stand it :)

    xo Shane

  4. what a little cutie! :) so glad you got some quality time with him!!! thanks so much for linking up, sweet friend!!! xoxo

  5. he is such a sweet, cute boy. so glad you enjoyed him!

  6. That is just too sweet! Don't you just love when they come up with the sweetest things to say at just the right time?