19 February 2012

moments of grace

I have been sitting outside of my littlest's room at naps and bedtime for the last five days.
See, the little monkey has learned how to swing himself right out of his crib and thinks it's hilarious.
If I am not sitting within his field of vision, he will climb out no less than fourteen times before he falls asleep. 
I am not exaggerating.
When he knows he isn't getting away with escape, he resorts to stripping down, diaper and all.
He's a charmer, that one.

I've been doing my best to supernanny him, too.
I pick him up, don't make eye contact, and lay him back down.
I sit, occupied, outside his room and don't engage in conversation. 
But tonight he woke up hours past bedtime and wandered into the hall.
I snuggled him for a bit and laid him back down and took my usual position outside the door.
But he wasn't having it. 
He hollered and screeched and called out.
And all the sleep training advice flooded back about letting him settle himself.
I couldn't do it. I felt a pull into his room, laid a hand on his back, and soothed him in his restlessness.

Isn't that what God does for us? 
Hover over with a hand upon us, soothing us as we fight the peace that is so within reach.
There are moments that I need to give up the "right" way to parent - to let go 
and meet my kids needs in the moment. To extend a little extra grace.
And I also need to allow God to do the same for me.

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  1. Love. We've been trying to teach Lola to soothe herself to sleep. Sometimes I just can't stick to the "rules". I feel like sometimes they just need that little bit of mama loves and I'm gonna be okay with it. At least the crib tent's on the way.:)

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Our Savior is the most patient, wise, and loving Father. We have such a wonderful example!

  3. amen. thankful for this today, carina! love you xo

  4. Yes! This is true. Just yesterday in church we talked about society teaches us to grow independent children(not a bad thing...we are babywise parents), when God wants His children fully dependent on Him.

  5. Beautiful message! Thanks so much for this reminder! It is so true! =)
    Much Love,


  6. Oh YES that is what He does!!! So glad you shared!

  7. I have a nearly 4 month old, and have started thinking about sleep training. It's nice to know there's grace, even in that struggle. :)

  8. Beautiful. God's grace is an example to us to try to live out that grace in our lives too. Loved this sweet post.

    ps. I've tried to Supernanny my child too. :)

  9. I was so there with you a few years ago with my youngest son. Hang in there. I love that you are super nannying it! Great comparison of God's grace towards us.

  10. We are so close to Pie climbing out of the crib... I do not look forward to that! It's my last resort for a quiet bathroom break these days.

    Sweet moments with babies are good though, so I will look forward to more of those.

  11. ABSOLUTELY. We parent by His example.. He trains us and lets us soothe ourselves but there are times He just parents us with grace.

  12. this is so true. not that super nannying isnt totally necessary, but sometimes we just need to let go of the rules and adjust to that specific need and time. this is a perfect example. And seriously? 14 times? What a little monkey for sure!! haha!!

  13. just the fact that you can see God in a situation like this is letting Him use it all for the best. good luck with the little guy, girl!

  14. I am hooked. That was a beautiful post and I thing you did just the right thing.

    I couldn't do the sleep training either. It was too hard and stressful for me. Kind of wondering when my little guy will start climbing out.

    Look forward to following along!