07 February 2012

the joyful life library and a giveaway

I am really excited to tell you guys something.
I am having a book party and you are invited!
Now, that might not sound all the exciting, but it really is.
Have you met Heather from Life Made Lovely?
She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. She is determined to make this world just a little lovelier 
and she started the Joyful Life Library.

If you don't know what that means, I hope you'll take some time to read her story.
It is touching and inspiring. She has taken heartache and turned it into hope.
She has started collecting books for libraries in PICUs across the country in different Children's Hospitals
in honor of the sweet life of her little boy Samuel.
That's where you come in.
This week my sister and I are having an Usborne book party at my house. 
I wish you could come, because I am making cookie dough brownies and serving Sangria.
If that doesn't sound like the perfect end to a long day, I don't know what.
So, maybe you can't make the jaunt over here (sad).
The great thing is, you can buy books all week long through this link.
Here is what God put on our hearts while we were party planning:
We wanted to open it up to all of you.
Buy a book or two for the Joyful Life Library that is in the works for the Children's Hospital in Hawaii
through the link and bring a little love into the lives of children and families who need
those still quiet moments of normal in the midst of hardship.
And guess what? For every book you buy, you get a chance to win something from me!
I am giving away an infinity scarf to one generous soul once all the purchases have been made.

How do you do it?
Just click the link, buy some books, and ship them to:
Kapi'olani Chilldren's Hospital
1319 Punahou Street
Attn: Ashley Sutherland, Child Life Playroom
Honolulu, HI 96826
United States

Please be sure to include the (Attn: Ashley) line so they go straight to the Joyful Life Library.
Then come back here and let me know about it!
The cool thing is, the more books that are sold this week, the more credit we get to buy more books, and we're going to share a good portion of that credit with the library.
Children's Hospital is close to my heart for so many reasons. They've done a lot for me.
And they are doing endless amazing things for some pretty amazing kids every single day.
Will you help and will you spread the word?
You will bless so many! 


  1. i just love you friend. you're so sweet and kind and thoughtful. im assuming this is just a childrens books only collection, right?

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