06 February 2012

the girl behind the blog

I was not going to do it.
And then I was.
And then I wasn't.
And then I did.

The cute ladies of 5ohWifey and Captivated by Grace are hosting a super fun blog party.
Everyone is invited to make a video to introduce
The Girl Behind the Blog.
I was nervous, I am nerdy, but you probably already know that.
So, here it is!
(I swore I wouldn't be able to talk for 2-3 minutes, but I could have talked for 10.
Soooo, this is the edited version.)

Will you go be awkward like me? 
I want to meet you!


  1. This is a fun idea! I might look into doing this :).

    You're totally cute. Not awkward at all :).


  2. your NOT awkward!! TOTALLY CUTEE!!!(: omg, kelsey just copied me ;)

  3. oh my word!
    you are the cutest nerd i have ever known.

    maybe i will have time to vlog soon. sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen though.

  4. I really enjoyed watching your vlog. I'm your newest follower. Happy Monday!

  5. I love your vlog Carina! Your family is beautiful and you are not a nerd! You are absolutely beautiful and so fun! :) Thanks for linking up!

  6. you gorgeous!
    It's nice meeting you :D

  7. you are not awkward, you are cute, and it feels like we're just sittin' in your kitchen with you! did you get new glasses? also cute.

  8. Ok there is nothing awkward about you. You are absolutely aborable! I am so glad you linked up! xoxo

  9. umm your awesome.
    i felt awkward doing mine too, but it's been so fun watching these, put voice to faces and learning more about all you lovely ladies. i have a son named george too. i love that name.

  10. I think you did great and are very sweet, hat a great family... does it sound awful that I didn't wanna link up because I broke out on my face and I feel nasty... but maybe I still will.. :)

  11. I'm so glad you linked up so I could find your blog! And this weekend I seriously plan on reading every single adoption post under your adoption tab. It is something my husband and I want to do and the starting process is a tad overwhelming. Great Vlog too :)

  12. this was so so great, so nice to "see" you!!!

  13. FUN!!!!!!!! And how cute are you! And your voice sounds so sexy ;) Loved it. I feel now like I know you so much better.

  14. Eek...well, I think you may have inspired me to do my first vlog...maybe. I am brand new to your blog, so this was a great way to get to know you. Maybe this would be a good thing to out on an about me page, huh?

  15. Wow! I loved it! I am so impressed that you did the vlog! I am way too scared to do one so I have mad respect for anyone who is daring enough to! Way to go!


  16. Hey! I just found your blog through the link up, and LOVE it! I feel like we have so much in common. It was so nice to "meet" you! Oh, and my 2 year just went down for a nap and I had to bust out the coffee. I think I should get an IV! Haha :) New follower and can't wait to read more! have a great day!

  17. how special that your sweet boy got all that time with you.


  18. Ok, so.... I know this is late, but the chicken in me FINALLY made a video. You can come check it out if you'd like.

    Also, I have been trying to grab your button for my blog, and it says it is copyright protected and won't let me grab the code. Thought you might like to know. I have tried from work and home with no luck. :)

    Have a fun weekend!