18 February 2012

a few favorites.

I have some lovely ladies for you to meet today.
There are so many encouraging blogs out there, but these are a few of my favorites.
So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, settle in and say hello to a few of my favorite girls.
I asked them to share their ideal date night... they have some fun ideas!

Hello folks.  I’m Stacy and I blog over at full hearts, big sparks.  I’m a smitten wifey, new mama, twenty-something, Jesus-loving, foodie, reality television junky, americano-drinking girl.  I blog about all of these things and much, much more.

My perfect date would normally involve blue jeans, pale ale and bacon cheeseburgers followed by a movie cozied up on the couch.  However… this new mama hasn’t had a fancy night out or wanted to wear high heals for about 13 months.  Girlfriend needs some glam.  My perfect date would involve a babysitter, red pumps, a darling dress, maybe with some polka dots, curls, a bottle of pinot, and my handsome hubs planning the rest. 

hello, friends of fancy carina! my name is hannah.
i'm a wifey and mama, and sinner saved by grace.
i love to document my thoughts on my blog, happy days.
encouraging others is one of my favorite things to do. besides drink coffee.
carina asked what my idea of a perfect date is. as long as my man is there, it's a perfect date.
but we love to stay in, dim the lights, watch a movie and laugh over chips and salsa!
i'd love to meet you, stop by and say hello!

 Danielle is a  child of the King, the wife of an amazing man, the mother of two fabulous girls, the friend to some amazing women, and the lover of books, ridiculous t.v.shows, Carrie Underwood and David Cook, Pepsi, chocolate, Starbucks, and much more! You can find me blogging at This Life I Live.
My perfect date would be my awesome man, a delicious meal, and some great conversation.  No activities...just me and him hanging out!
I'm Erika of the shop and blog Rouge&Whimsy. I live in Seattle with my husband and pup and love pursuing a creative life-- sewing, cooking, crafting and thrifting. 
My perfect date would be a simple afternoon spent with my husband-- perhaps perusing a used bookstore or antique shop, a walk with the dog, and a simple dinner at home accompanied by good conversation and good wine. 

Hi, I'm Abby and I blog over at Akers of Love.  My husband, Wes and I have been married for 8 years.  After five years of trying to add kids to our family the old fashion way, we felt the Lord leading us to domestic adoption.  In the summer of 2010, we were blessed with a {more than we had planned} open adoption experience and the birth of our son, Max.  I love to write about our family of three, my faith in God, our second adoption journey and an occasional recipe or craft.  
My perfect date...hmmmm...I'm a pretty traditional girl.  It would consist of my husband planning it all with out me knowing {I hate making decisions}. He would get a babysitter, choose a restaurant and a movie. I would get to eat as much as I wanted at the restaurant and still have room for some hot, buttery popcorn.  
Hey Ladies! My name is Daisy and I am  a boot wearing bible believing Christian who is native to good-old California! I enjoy photography, creating, cooking, and the occasional shenanigan. My blog covers all of these.

My perfect date is March 17th because It’s not too hot and It’s not too cold…… Kidding! That’s the day  I’m getting married ;)
Seriously my perfect date is ridiculously good food and a movie at home in PJs.

At Sugar Mama Bakeshop you'll find gluten free & vegan recipes, party inspirations and other pretties! This month I'm hosting 
"How Sweet It Is" and featuring some of my very favorite blogger: their love stories and their fave sweet treats. SO fun! 
(The lovely Carina was even be there!) 
Right now my perfect date was last Friday when I got to go out to dinner for 3 whole hours and drink margaritas... I have a 7 month old who just figured out how to sleep :) But seriously dinner, drinks, dancing. I'm not real picky. My husband's real fun so it's easy to have a good time with him! 


happy weekend everyone! 


  1. goodness, i keep company with some total sweeties! happy weekend xoxo

  2. Thanks for the post :) You are so sweet! Can't wait to check them out.

  3. Thanks for the post, sis! Can't wait to grab some coffee and start reading.:)

  4. oooh, I hate to be the one to bring up problems, but the link for Stacy's blog isn't working :-)


  5. it is working... you just have to click on "blog" :)

  6. Hi Carina!

    Thank you so much for participating in the blog hop. Wishing you all the best in your bloggy endeavors. Newest follower :)