26 February 2012

dinner and a movie

On Friday night my mom texted me and said, "I'll come watch the boys tomorrow night if you guys want to go out."
It took me about three seconds to reply, "Yes. Please. 6pm."
By Saturday afternoon I bumped it up to 5:30.
Sometimes you just need a date night. Last night was that night.
Nick had worked like 328 days in a row, including some nights, and we needed a little quality time that didn't involve diaper changing, dishes or laundry.

It was perfect.
It didn't matter where we were, so long as we were together, so bonus that we went to sushi, 'cause that's my fave.
We ate edamame, drank ice cold beer, and talked about
top secret plans
family and friends
projects around the house
and I am pretty sure we talked about basketball at length, but sometimes those details get fuzzy as I tend to zone in and out of any kind of sports talk.

We ordered another round of red dragon rolls and another couple of pints and laughed
and caught up and maybe spent a good portion of the conversation talking about our love for the boys, quoting them in all their silliness, and just feeling super grateful for this little family we've been given.

We made our way to a movie, sat in a packed theater, munched on chocolate treats, and felt somewhat accomplished actually seeing a film nominated for this year's academy awards. (We get a little behind on our movie watching.)

It was a relaxed, perfect night of togetherness. It was just the little refresher we needed.
(Thanks, Mom.)

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  1. yay for dates!
    also, yay for the nba allstar game:)

    love you, friend. happy monday! xo

  2. Date nights are great! I was just thinking about how it's been way too long for us...

  3. Sounds like a PERFECT night! I found myself majorly craving a date night while reading this. I just may have to make this happen soon....xoxo

  4. sounds like a great date :) And I swear it took me a good few minutes to realize that the photo was sushi with fish on top. I thought it was a sushi role wrapped in a hawaiian role haha I'm losing it.

  5. It's wonderful to go out child free! We did pretty much the same this Saturday night as well...except after dinner we grocery shopped without the children which was awesome! :)

  6. Yay for date night! I can't remember the last time my husband and I actually went to the theatre to watch a movie. Now the only way we see something current is thanks to On Demand!

  7. date nights are the best.

    i'd be willing to be that once those boys of your get a little older you gonna have no choice but to contribute to the sports talk. LOL! they'll give you no choice. that's what happened to me. now i am a fanatic too. AYE!!!

  8. oh those kind of nights are the best!!! Glad you got to reconnect ;)

  9. That sounds perfect!! Yay for a wonderful date night. Sometimes I don't care what we do either, just as long as we can have a little break and enjoy each other's company. Glad you had fun :)

  10. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING, better than sushi date with hubby! The Lord knows just what we need when we need it!

  11. I LOVE Red Dragon roles, so delicious! So great that you had a date! ;)

  12. So sweet of your Mom! What a nice surprise for you! Glad you had a good time... I bet your Mom did too.

  13. That is so nice of your mother. You must have had a lovely time just the two of you. Sushi is the best!!

  14. I can not wait for days like these again!

  15. man i LOVE date night. i think we're having one of those saturday night... and i'll be tuning out the sports talk as well!

  16. i do love me a good date night. yours looks and sounds perfect. i don't even like sushi but now i want some. what in the world?!