09 January 2012

vintage recipes: pineapple bread pudding

So, here's the story: One day I wandered into my favorite thrift shop that always has a full stock of amazing vintage furniture just begging for a beautiful coat of paint.
 I maintain self control about half the time. 
On this particular day, I happened upon an antique sewing table and visions danced through my head 
of where it would go and how I could make it oh so lovely. 
Then I opened the drawers and inside was a bounty of vintage buttons, 
a recipe clipped from a very old newspaper, and a bill for sewing machine repair...
from 1962.

And I was sold. While this all took place about three months ago, that sewing table is still sitting untouched in the basement in my future craft corner. But the recipe got me to thinking: wouldn't it be fun to cook up some old school recipes, channeling my inner midcentury housewife and document it all for you here? 
Thus, the idea of "vintage recipes" was born.

(Can we have a moment of silence for the fact that the 90s are now considered vintage? I mean, if something is going to make you feel old and lame, it's that.)

Now, back to that recipe. It was a super simple recipe for pineapple bread pudding.
 I figured it'd be a good start. I also have a recipe book from my grandma's church, compiled in 1979. 
It is filled with things like Chocolate Snowballs and Chili Jack Casserole. 
Those are coming soon. 

My plan was to recreate each recipe, not veering off from the written instructions, but holding to it in all of its vintage-y purity.
So yesterday, when Lute and I made this little number, that's what we did: we followed the recipe to a tee.
I was excited about baking it in a water bath - doesn't that just seem so 1962? 
And whisking all the ingredients together, I imagined the former owner of my sewing table serving it to her sweet little family, who gobbled it up with joy.
But guess what?
It was disgusting. I mean, seriously gross. Like scrambled eggs with bits of pineapple and a few chunks of bread here and there. Maybe I just don't know how to do a water bath or something, but yowsas, I do not encourage you to make it.

But I am not one to give up! At least, not when it comes to dessert. 
So I broke my first rule on my first recipe, and I made it the way I thought it should be made, and let me tell you:
Holy goodness, get yourself to the kitchen right now.
This stuff is good.

The key to making this without a doubt delicious was increasing the bread, butter and sugar (otherwise known as the trifecta of clean living). 
supplies: milk, day old french bread, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla, butter and crushed pineapple

 You need about 6 cups (1/2 loaf) of cubed crusty french bread. I put mine in a warm oven to dry it up a bit.
 Add a tablespoon of sugar to 2 cups of milk, swirl it around, and pour it over your bread.

Then beat your eggs and the rest of the sugar until creamy, then add in vanilla, melted butter and salt.

 Add the pineapple to the bread...

and pour the egg mixture on top. Stir everything until it's nicely combined.

Then pour it in a baking dish and cover (foil works if you don't have lid). Bake it for 45 minutes, remove the lid, and bake for another 15.

And then behold the goodness. The ridiculous, out of this world, goodness.
This is not helping my self control, people.

Here's the recipe!
Pineapple Bread Pudding
(serves 8)
6 cups day old crusty french bread, cubed
2 cups milk
3/4 cup sugar
3 eggs
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter, melted
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
8 ounces crushed pineapple, drained

Mix one tablespoon of the sugar into the milk and pour over the bread to soak.
On medium speed, beat eggs and remaining sugar together until creamy. 
Add in melted butter, salt and vanilla and mix to combine.
Top bread with pineapple and pour egg mixture over the top. Mix everything together until well combined.
Pour into a baking dish and cover. Bake at 325 for 45 minutes.
Remove cover and bake another 15 minutes, until golden brown.
Try to let it cool a bit before digging in! 
Best served warm or at room temperature.


  1. Hey, where'd ya get those adorable measuring spoons?

    Well, I LOVE pineapple, and I LOVE bread pudding. I'll bet dad could be convinced that you should supply dessert on Saturday. Just sayin'. I CAN'T WAIT to try this!

  2. I think I just drooled a little, haha.

  3. oh, yes. i can make this for sure.

    love you, you little vintage bakin' mama.

  4. Love your blog! New follower. :)
    Can't wait to read more!


  5. This looks amazing. I am going to bookmark this recipe. yum.

  6. This looks so good- will have to make this for my family. We love bread puddings. Lovely blog, also- new follower.

  7. This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.
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