06 January 2012

thrifty bliss

I am by no means a professional thrifter, but I love a good find.
I would go thrifting multiple times a week if my life allowed for it.
But there is something just a bit unappealing about taking the boys along... 
not quite the relaxing experience I am going for.
And also, since my husband's hobby is organizing and decluttering 
and making unapproved donation runs to Goodwill, 
I have to limit myself a little.
But when I go, I love it, and I am always excited when I find just the right thing 
for my house,
for crafting, for the kids. 
And when I find some perfectly vintage-y item of clothing for me?
The best.

So today when my sweet mom offered to entertain the boys for a few hours,
I decided to hit up a thrift store near her house that I'd never been to.
And it was awesome.
They actually didn't have a giant selection, but I did score a vintage gray blazer for the boys.
My heart flutters and the thought of how cute and charming that will be.
I also found some cheap mason jars, 
doilies for crafting (like I really need more supplies, but whatev.),
a perfect football jersey for Eddie which usually retails for $27 and it was 3 bucks,
the clincher.
I was in line to pay when I happened to glance up at a display case hidden near the dressing rooms. 
There, sitting unassumingly on top, was a Kelty Ridgeline Backpack.
It was in perfect condition. Perfect.
We used to have one, actually, and used it all the time
 and then in an unfortunate packing incident on an overseas trip, 
the stand snapped in half.
We have been mourning its loss since 2009.
My sweet deal? $34 for something that sells for $130.
That's like 75% off! 
I think I am going to be floating on my thrifting high all day, I can feel it.
And now I want to go shopping again...


  1. Looks like you got some amazing steals!!! That's great. I so wish there were thrift stores where I am, but there aren't. Maybe when we get back to the states I'll just have to go crazy to make up for all the lost time!

  2. I need to start thrifting! There is so much great stuff out there waiting to be discovered! Those are some amazing steals you stumbled across today!

  3. i love thrifting. good finds, girl! gosh i have to keep myself from heading to the store which is 3 minutes from my house. restraint doesnt even begin to describe it.