22 January 2012

seven pretty things on a sunday

There is a fun little blog party happening today and everyone 
is sharing the pretty things that 
are inspiring them this week.

This week it's all about projects
My husband cleared a space in the basement for me to create my very own craft corner. 
Have I mentioned he's the best ever?

Wouldn't this be the sweetest little work space?
Just think of all the fun things I could create!
How perfect is this little t-shirt makeover?
This is definitely doable.
Not sure my skill set is up to this piece of lovely, but a girl can try.
And it would be amazing with that tee!
Someday there will be a little lady around here,
and she is going to need one of these tops.
I know just the person to make it if it proves to be more than I can muster.
(Yep, talking to you, Mom.)

Thinking about babies and bedrooms. The boys are consolidating into one room, 
we need a nursery before the baby arrives... 
that means I have a lot of room design on the brain.
This sign is a for sure. And how lovely are these colors?
 I can just see this bit of cuteness in my girl's room.
These hearts make me happy.
I am all about Valentine's Day this year,
and this is the perfect project to do with my boy!

What is inspiring you this week? 

7 pretty things on Sunday


  1. love your pretty things! what a fun blog party!
    the shirt is so adorable and i love the wax paper crayon hearts!

    love you, happy lord's day! xo

  2. LOVE the button A. I just did a framed button heart last night with my daughter and I'm just about to blog about it because I'm hosing a DIY Valentine's Craft Link Up party. You should totally join us! Linking up from The Blog Hop (#28)! Come and visit me at http://our-reflection.blogspot.com

  3. Hey, I would love to make that shirt, I'd do it now if I knew how! Remember, we need to take a class....I love all your ideas and I can't wait to see them for real! Especially the little girl :-)

  4. oooh I love what you shared! I adore that quote in that room, I wonder how they did that?! And that SKIRT :0

  5. i love that sewing hutch...how great to have the shelves right there! my mind is on sewing nooks lately, as you know. how's yours coming along? i've been meaning to ask...
    i love all 7 of the things you picked!