23 January 2012

{diy}: valentine's wreath

Last week was crazy town around here when the city was covered in six inches of snow,
then another inch of ice. And then a little more snow.
My city doesn't deal well with winter weather...
So there was a serious case of cabin fever happening up in here.
It was time to get crafty.

I pulled out all of our art supplies and let the boys go to town.
I didn't want to be left out of the fun!
So I came up with this little bit of cheer to brighten things up a bit.
Here's what you need:
My wreath was 7 1/4" in diameter. I used my kids washable paint, but any paint would work.
First up, paint your hearts. I mixed all my colors with a little white to give them the look of "conversation hearts".
 I think they'd also be so cute modpodged with a scrappy fabric.
While they're drying, grab your wreath and yarn.
Wrap your yarn around and tie a knot, and then start wrapping until your entire wreath is covered.
(again, this you could use fabric scraps instead. cute.)
This is a good time to catch up on 30 Rock while you wrap.

 Now that your hearts are dry, grab a couple of  paper doilies, your white paint and a brush and go to town stenciling. Precision is of zero importance. Just have fun! 
Since I used washable paint I had to spray them with this:
but if you start with acrylic paint, or even craft paint, you should be ok without it. 
Or you can do a quick coat of mod podge!
(remember: homemade mod podge is CHEAP and it's just watered down glue.)
 Start gluing! I used fabric glue, but hot glue would also work well.

 Once all your cute little hearts are in place, press them down and wait until it's good and dry.
 Then grab a strip of fabric, some twine or matching yarn,
tie a loop around your wreath and

Quick and easy, and so fully of cheery Valentine goodness.
Have fun and happy creating!

Our Reflection


  1. I love the doily effect and the cheerful colors. It truly is one of kind!

  2. cute carina! i've been wanting to do a yarn wrapped wreath...this is a great idea!

  3. so cute!! love the colors you used and the stenciling on the hearts!!

  4. cute idea! I think I might actually print some conversation heart sayings on them as an extra little bit of fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Its really adorable. My very first visit and I am so glad I found you. Thanks ever so much for sharing your special place for all of us to enjoy. I will follow on my way out in hope that you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to engaging and supporting you throughout twenty twelve and beyond. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. So cute and simple! I will most assuradely be doing this one! :)Melissa