02 January 2012

determination. courage. change.

I have never been big on making resolutions at the beginning of the year. I feel like most people assume nobody is going to keep them anyway, so why bother?
At least that's how I usually feel.
But this year I am feeling inspired! 
I am super excited about some of the changes I want to make, and am hoping they stick for good. 
It takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 days to make a life change, 
so I figure if I can stick with them through March, I'll be good to go.

 gettin' organized
This is huge. I know where everything is (pretty much), but if a stranger (or my husband) were to try to locate something, they probably wouldn't find it.
For Christmas this year, I gave Nick a detailed family calendar. 
This may seem boring to most people (me included. yawn.), 
but to Nick it is like the nectar of life.
I even scheduled in days were I will reorganize closets, iron his clothes, 
donate stuff, etc.
It was like the best thing he could have gotten, seriously.
(Of course, me being me, I made it look really cute with stickers and pretty fonts and doodles.)
I am organizing my time, my house, my life!

I am not really a runner. And by that, I mean the thought of it makes me groan and want to crawl back into bed and embrace all my laziness.
 I got into it for a little while, then I got pregnant with Lute and I pretty much gave it up, 
apart from a run or two every six months. 
Then last week my sister asked me to train for a half marathon with her.
After I stopped laughing, convinced she was kidding, I realized she was serious. 
So I agreed to start with a 10K this March and then take it into consideration.
And my dad let us have his treadmill, which is now all ready to go in the basement.
So what I am saying is, I have no more excuses.

projects projects projects
I have spent approximately 9 hours over the last week or so 
installing new flooring in our basement/playroom. I have planned on doing it for over a year, 
and I am one night away from completion! 
There are so many things I want to do in the house this year:
crafty sewing nook in the basement
the boys room 
our room
our upstairs lofty hallway landing thing
about 113 pieces of furniture
the baby's room!

And of course there is the intangible
I want to say yes more.
I want to be more gentle in my tone.
Spend more time being with my family, rather than just being around them.
Love more, pray more, believe more.

Here is to the next 90 days! To the courage to change the things around us and the things within us. 
Happy 2012!


  1. These sound like great goals for the new year. I.also.want to get organized in the new year and get rid of the paper stacks all over my apartment. I.swear they are taking over!

    Also that calendar sounds like both a thoughtful and useful gift. Glad your hubby liked it!

  2. Good luck on your goals this year! I know you can accomplish them! I am also going to try to run but I'm starting small with a 5k by the end of the year hahaha! I am in awe of you doing a 10k in March!! Happy new year!!

  3. love your goals. well, except for running. i just can't anymore. my knees belong in a nursing home.
    even so, you inspire me, girl!
    and your sister's fam is cute-y'all are the best!

    love you, happy wednesday!