30 January 2012

beauty product favorites: the basics

I love my job.
Besides mothering the little guys, 
I've been doing hair and makeup for the last six years.
I do a lot of weddings.
It is an awesome excuse to try fun new products
and experiment to find just the right fit.
Truth be told, I only spend about three minutes on my makeup
in the morning, which is actually enough time
to look presentable and I have found a few products
that are perfect basics. Like, I can't live without 'em.
The bonus is I can get most of them at Target,
but enough of them give me a reason to venture to
Sephora. It's like a candy store in there.
Minus the chocolate. 
They should really work on that.

Anyway, here are my favorite everyday wears.

This is a bare necessity in my book. 
It can instantly make you look bright eyed and bushy tailed, and I need that most mornings.
The first - Time Balm - is a  little on the pricey side, but it lasts forever and is 
honestly the very best concealer out there. Plus it's anti-wrinkle. Done.
The second - from Sonia Kashuk - is also great. It's half the price, and it does the job.
Plus it has a few colors and a little pressed powder, so it can really save the day 
when you need a little freshening up.

I have been using these bareMinerals for five years and I love them.
The basic mineral foundation is nice and light and it has spf.
The blush - in glee - is the perfect shade. 
I've tried other products and other colors, but I am sticking with this. 
Again, kinda pricey, but they last a really long time.


I am not lying when I say I have tried just about every mascara out there.
I have spent $26 on a tube of mascara, and yeah, it was great mascara.
But it seriously wasn't better than good ol' Great Lash, which you can score
for about 4 bucks. Every time I try a different kind, I am like 
"why, Carina, WHY did you spend your money on that?"
Also, eyeliner. Maybelline Expert Eyes, around 5 bucks.
I've spent more on "better" brands and they don't do anything magical.
This stuff works and I love it.


I am not big on lipstick or anything heavy. 
I also don't like anything sticky or overly shiny.
So, this is my go to everyday. In fact, mine is almost gone and that makes me sad.
Neutrogena MoistureShine: kind of like lipgloss meets chapstick.


I never would have known such a thing existed except that all of 
the cute girls in beauty school swore by this and so I bought it.
That was seven years ago and I still love it.
MAC Fix+ finishing spray.
It's like a vitamin water mist that sets your makeup for the day.
I especially love it because when you use mineral makeup,
you can look a little powdery... here is the solution!

The best part of all of the above? It really does only take three minutes.

Oh, and just a note: none of these companies paid me to review their products,
but I'd totally let them. 


  1. love bare minerals - have you ever used their mineral veil? or should i try this mac stuff instead?

  2. I have never tried bare minerals but I would like to. I'm with you on the lip gloss which now means I have to try that one!

  3. Sonia Kashuk products are amazing! I love their brushes... :) You should try Maybelline's dream bouncy blush. My new favorites <3

  4. I love the balm products!!! I have that concealer!!

  5. love bare minerals.
    can't wait to try that moisture shine!
    AND what THE heck is up with mascara. i sing the same song. great lash for life. why i ever get suckered for another, i don't know.

    you're really cool.