30 December 2011

year in review

Taking a cue from some of my friends, I thought I'd reflect back over the year in bloggy land.
Here are a few little snapshots that give you a window into our world in 2011.
In January I reflected on 2010, the first time I realized Nick was a keeper and a few of my favorite things and my gratitude for a timely phone call.

February held a few hard lessons, a thankful heart for small tender moments with my boys, and the (now funny) day that Eddie almost broke my nose.

March was a big month around here. Nick and I took our first solo trip (to New York!), the oldest turned 4,  and I traveled down memory lane (more than once).

April was busy: I started bakin' it to the streets, celebrated more birthdays, redid Lute's room and made a cake that sold for eleven hundred bucks (for real).

May was filled with reflections on motherhood (the good and the bad), some unsolicited marital advice and a recipe or two.

In June I turned...one year older, Lute started asking what adoption was all about, I tried to be thankful in the midst of inconvenience and all of the responsibilities of the day to day and Lute and I made some super easy chocolate-y, sprinkle-y haystacks. We announced our second adoption and my sweet Eddie turned 2!

July was c.razy full with the opening of my etsy shop, birthdays galore, talking about my love for my sister, the day I saw Jesus on the streets of Seattle, and my thoughts on the misconceptions surrounding adopted kids.

We took a family vacay in August, I talked about God's healing goodness, I started linking up with the Pleated Poppy, I discovered pinterest (aka time suck #74), and I learned some hard lessons.

In September, I started getting crafty, talked a lot about our next adoption, and started praying for my kids in a way that changed my entire outlook.

I did a few more DIYs in October, shared about our first adoption fundraiser (which was a huge success!), and confessed my constant state of worry. 

In November my little Georgie turned 2, I shared my heart for the homeless, had a little reality check, and showed off my first advent calendar!
And now it's December! Things have slowed down for us as we try to reflect on the glorious birth of Jesus, but there is never a dull moment, especially when your kids are as artistic as mine. 

Here's to a hopeful, joyful, hilarious 2012...
Happy new year to each of you!


  1. What a great year! I've enjoyed reading along :)

  2. Oh WOW, that last photo is crazy. I hope it was washable marker! I had one of my boys draw on cabinets with a sharpie! Happy 2012!

  3. Sounds like you had a year of life changers. Hope 2012 brings just as much happiness!

    Visiting from SITS.

  4. ha ... loved the art work your kiddos did for you ... the joys of motherhood!

  5. Sounds like a.great year you just had. Wishing you all good things to come in 2012... and also loved those last few pictures!