05 December 2011

things that are awesome and things that are really not

My temptation is to be kind of a whiny punk in this post, because this morning was ridic. But to balance it out, I am also going to share some of the good things, too.

Things that ARE NOT awesome.
waking up at 5am because one kid has a cold and woke up his brother who he now shares a room with and then just deciding to be up for the day because there is no way they are going back to sleep.

driving to the grocery store with the car carts so you can get supplies for dinner and such with your two 2 year olds.

walking into the store with the two 2 year olds, holding hands, which takes 14 times as long, only to find out they don't have any car carts available, which makes the 2 two year olds scream. a lot.

driving to the next store and repeat.

driving to the third store, which is the original store you were going to go to because it is right across from the preschool where you dropped off your oldest, but they have way higher prices and finding an actual car cart and spending all the money you would saved on gas anyway.

two minutes into shopping having to relocate one kid because the other kid won't stop pinching him. in the face.

surviving the whole ordeal only with mild sweating, to get to the car and realize that the kid in the car section, unbeknownst to you, stole a candy bar and has chewed through the wrapper and it's a PayDay, which is the candy bar that is one big choking hazard and having to push the dang car cart back into the store to pay for it while the kid in the front of the cart tries to climb out because there are no buckles.

going back out to the car again to have one of your bags break apart while you attempt to unload your groceries.

And this was all before 9:30 in the morning. 

Things that ARE awesome.
today is my husband's birthday, and he is awesome.

yesterday my awesome mom babysat all day and did my dishes while we went wine tasting.

crock pot french dip sandwiches, which is happening right now and my house smells.... awesome.

egg nog birthday cake because my husband likes to choose strange and unusual original and unique flavors every year. I tried it, it is amazing and I am about to whip up the cream cheese frosting to go on top of it. holla.

my kids taking two hour naps today all at the same time.

actually being able to clean up my house and discovering this little gem in the process:
the kid has talent, amiright?

I hope your day is filled with awesomeness, and not even a little not. 
{and happy birthday to my amazing Nick!}


  1. happy birthday to your mister! egg nog cake sounds like a champion choice.
    the shopping trip was a snapshot from my own life, only with one less kid. hugs to you.

    love LOVE you.

  2. I think God did all that to you this morning just so your mother could have a good laugh! Ohmyword. That was funny. But, not funny. I'm sorry for you :-)

    Yes, Lute made the Christmas tree yesterday...isn't it GREAT????

    And, you are welcome about watching the kids. They bless me. And, it wasn't that hard to watch all 3. The hard part is that Eddie won't make eye contact with me anymore. I guess he didn't like the time out. You need to teach him not to hold grudges.

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband. Two hour naps have to be right on the top of my list for sure :)

  4. Hahaha, unique and original sounds about right! I'd love to see the recipe for that cake though! Sounds fantastic!! Hope you have more awesomeness!

  5. you make me laugh... and fear my future a little bit. im overwhelmed with one i cant even imagine two or three. i guess god gives you the grace when you need it... right?