01 December 2011

finding humor in the maddening

We are working on a few behavioral issues with this kid.
The twos are really something else. Specifically:

throwing things. food, plates, and cups from the table. 
random cars and trucks at people in the grocery line.
and so on.

running into the road because it's fun to be chased.
(and thus giving mama panic attacks.)

coloring on anything and everything except paper.

About a month ago he found a red permanent marker and went to town on the walls, cupboards, doors, our armoire and the windowsills. In less than 90 seconds.
After a time out and some furious scrubbing with a magic eraser, we worked on the idea of coloring on paper and nothing else.

Then last Saturday morning, when I thought my husband was watching him and he thought I was watching him, Eddie came up with this little masterpiece:
As soon as I walked into the bathroom, he looked at me with the pen in one hand and the cap in another and said, "Just color paper, Mama." 
At least this time the marker was washable?

When we go outside and get in the car, he repeats over and over, 
"Never ever run in the road. Garbage truck will get you." 
This has not stopped him.

And today when he threw his plate and cup on the floor to announce he was done with his lunch and was then sternly corrected, he looked at me with those big browns and said seriously, 
"No throwing! You hurt people. You hurt the paper. Just color the paper."
Well, at least we know his hearing works. 
And he's cute, so he has that going for him.
And I love the little rascal.


  1. Aww hon....we are all in this together!All those master pieces and adventures are just part of the learning process. After three kids I learned to "give up" on the hope of a clean and organized home.

  2. oh my. we are in the same boat with this. beautiful, crazy chaos! and elijah always say "oh, heeeeeeey" in this cute tone, every time he is caught in the act.

    press on, mama. you're a champion!! praise jesus!

  3. I have never, ever seen this child be anything but perfect. I think you are fibbing.

  4. I'm glad you find humor in this because I think my mom used to just scream and cry haha! ;) I'm sure eventually he will get it and until then, you're right- he's so cute! haha! :)

  5. Oh no! Is this what I have to look forward to next year? I'm a little bit scared right now.. but you're right, at least he's cute!!

  6. Oh no.. he is so bright he loves to draw.. hehehe he is so cute!

  7. Oh my word, your bathroom, I am so sorry I couldn't help but giggle, I loved the way you told the story! You got one thing right, he's ADORABLE. Hang in there, he's just challenging you because he wants to grow up and do and be his own person. He is in the midst of discovering, but he will grow out of it! There are a lot of parenting sights out there for tips! Hang in there, I know it's trying...good work in finding the humor in it!

  8. Oh my! He is too cute! I couldn't stay mad at him either! Is that what I have to look forward to when I have kids? I don't think i'll ever stop laughing (once the initial shock is over). Besides, these are all the things you'll embarrass him with once he starts dating :)


  9. Oh dear, haha! I'm sure you will laugh about it all someday. Just found your blog & I love it!