09 December 2011


For all of my adult life, I have loved the season of advent. The weeks leading up to Christmas day: a day filled with hope, and joy and peace. Every year I try to take some time alone to read the story of Jesus' birth and close my eyes in wonder of what it must have been like that first Christmas night. I imagine stillness and quiet and awe as Mary held her baby. That despite all the chaos of a barn, she was so taken with her child - God's child - that everything else faded into the background as she breathed in His very being.

This year I am reading a little daily devotional called the Magnificat that has very short reflections on preparing our hearts for the wonder of Christmas. Honestly, I haven't found the few minutes it takes to sit down everyday and read it, but today I did. I caught up with missed days and one reflection in particular struck me: the idea of anticipation.

Is there anything that brings greater anticipation than the birth of a baby? The excitement and joy surrounding welcoming a new little life into the world is sometimes too much to bear. I know with my own babies, and most recently with my sister's , I couldn't wait for the day to come. I was giddy and nervous and totally and completely impatient. And when they arrive...utter joy. To snuggle a sweet little babe in your arms, the quiet warmth, the unending love, the little bundle that you just want to drink up and never let go of...(oh man, I want another one. right. now.)
Do I have the same eagerness, excitement, giddiness for Jesus? Do I sit in quiet wonder and drink Him in? For a baby that I am not called to nurture, but to be nurtured by?
I hope so. I hope I can. It's my prayer this advent season, that's for sure. Because in all the crazy busyness that the holidays bring, I need those moments to bask in the sweetness and the holiness and the utter joy that comes from above. 
This season is the one that draws me closer like no other, calls to my heart in ways that renews me for whatever comes next. And I need it now more than ever.
My hope is the same for each of you.


  1. Loved this post. It was so well written, and I want that too! Very beautiful!

  2. really beautiful post, so moving and written so well, thank you!!!