26 November 2011

sponsor love! (and a giveaway)

These lovelies are not only sponsors, but wonderful friends. I have SO enjoyed each one and I know you will too. Read on and be blessed!

hello! i'm hannah singer.
i enjoy each day as wifey to patrick, and mama to elijah grey.
what a treat to sponsor carina and her sweet blog!
isn't she the greatest?
carina asked what i'm thankful for.
e v e r y t h i n g
thanksgiving is one of my most favorite times of the year!
this season makes me reflect on the little things,
like cozy quilts and extra marshmallows in my hot cocoa.
a bigger thing i'm thankful for is being able to stay home with our little guy
being his mother is one of my dearest blessings.
i'm most grateful for the relentless grace of jesus.
what a journey this life is! just over two years ago,
we moved from maryland to north dakota.
through the many changes we've experienced as a family, 
we have become more closely knit to each other and the lord. 
i blog at happy days. there you'll find the eclectic mix that is my life. 
i'm passionate about adoption, paper goods, homemaking, cupcakes, 
coffee and encouraging others. stop by and say hello! 

I'm Vivian. I'm a Colombian and a Mormon living in Utah. A Housewife, all things pretty lover, party planner, avid decorator, crafty, world traveler, healthy food fanatic, but above all a MOTHER. I can dance in my dreams as I try to make the world a better place. P.S: And who says Colombians can't have babies with BLUE EYES?
I'm grateful for my eyes that I can see beauty all around me 
I'm grateful for my ears that I can hear the music that keeps my heart beating
I'm grateful for two feet that keep me dancing through life.

I'm Alyx, and my blog is Every Day is a New Adventure. The hubs and I are currently living it up in the middle of nowhere, Germany, while I teach English to a bunch of high schoolers out here. I got pretty into blogging a couple of months ago, and this here blog is where I share all sorts of stuff - recipes, random thoughts, funny [to me] little anecdotes, things my students say [there can be some funny ones], sometimes tutorials, sometimes fashion stuff, always a new adventure. Come on over and stay a while!
 I'm thankful for: 
1. My health
2. My family
3. The opportunities in life that I've been given

Hi!  I'm Cara - Carina and I went to undergrad together, and ever since then, I've been trying to make this cool girl be my friend.  [I now boastfully  claim the title of being Carina's Pinterest BFF, and let's be honest: I wouldn't have it any other way.]  A former high school English teacher, I enjoy all things wordy, even though spend my days working full-time for a ministry organization called Young Life.   As per my blog, it's a place for me to write about faith and the funnies alike, life with my very own HBH (hot black husband), James, and our neurotic border collie, Mr. Darcy, while also gettin' my craft on.  Come and visit - let's be friends!
Not that I normally do giveaways, but as I'm making several of these for an upcoming craft fair to support Young Life, we'll throw in an extra one for the lucky subscribers of the blog - so subscribe now, will ya?  On it you can be guaranteed that the English teacher formerly known as myself will have some obscure, yet beautifully meaningful quote inscribed.  (The idea is coming from this Pinterest link, and will look something like this picture, below)

Want to win that fantastic scarf? Hop on over to Cara's blog, subscribe and comment.
She'll pick a winner on Wednesday, best of luck!


  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't find a link to Cara's blog?!? Help???

  2. nope, i'm the crazy one. sorry! all fixed :)

  3. No worries! Thanks! :)

    I followed! Love the scarf!