03 November 2011

instafriday {fall frenzy}

It's been so long since I've linked up for instafriday, I thought this would be the perfect week. 
This is fall in all its glory around here, and it makes my heart happy.
This is our driveway, and it is probably my favorite part of our yard. I love driving through the canopy of trees, the piles of leaves, the vibrance of color. I can glimpse it from the front room, and it always causes me to double take at its beauty.

This little toy is a major favorite around here these days. Somehow we only have about eight letters left, but George knows them well. We listen to 
"J says juh, J says juh, every letter makes a sound, and J says juh!"
 all the livelong day.

Are you laughing? This wasn't his official costume - it's actually Eddie's from last year, but George borrowed it for trick or treating at the zoo one freezing morning last weekend. He was in love. And about 17 moms at the zoo stopped and ogled at his cuteness. It was something to behold.

Oh, my sweet overdue sister. Hang in there, Stace, she'll be here soon enough!
I remember those last weeks of pregnancy being torture with anticipation. Anyone?

So what'd you do this week?
life rearranged

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  1. Fall makes my heart happy as well, and I love the colors in your trees. Beautiful. We have a similar magnet set on our fridge, and it's kept out little guy busy for hours. That costume is to die for, I LOVE it. Oh, and your poor sister. Yes, hang in there. It's so cliche' but she will forget all of this once that sweet baby arrives. Best wishes to her! :)