09 November 2011

glorified pb+j

On the nights my husband works late, I make super easy dinners that I know will not involve  hours of convincing my children to eat. It's usually oatmeal, if I am being real.
But my oldest's most favorite, the thing he'd eat for every meal, is definitely peanut butter and jelly.
Want to know what takes pb+j to the next level?
A waffle iron! I love mine - and not just for waffles...
I posted a recipe awhile back for waffle cookies - seriously delicious.
bread, peanut butter, blackberry jam, cooking spray and a waffle iron

I let my iron heat up, gave it a quick spray on both sides and stuck the sandwich right inside.

I smashed the sandwich down a bit and then let the iron do its job.

See how I justify this sweet little meal with roasted broccoli? I am all about balance.
The funny thing is, Eddie and George would take a pound of broccoli over a sandwich in any form. 
They are so weird.

This would totally work with any sandwich and looks way cooler than a panini, in my opinion. And Lute's, of course.
If you have a waffle iron, pull it out and try something fun!
(I'm telling you, those cookies...)


  1. How fun is that! My oldest loves and lives on pb. She is a Nutella nut too. I might try this with pb and then a smidge of Nutella. A peanut butter cup inspiration! Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. What a great idea!! And it sounds so yummy! I'm going to have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. haha my first thought was wait broccoli?! OOOH smart Idea lol! Yum I would want to eat a pm&j sandwich all the time if they looked this yummy!

  4. yum.
    elijah loves broccoli(any veggie) over a sandwich. weirdos.
    also? he ONLY like the CRUST of the bread. super weird.

  5. I'm a recently new follower and I have to say those sandwiches look DELISH!