02 November 2011

down for the count

It's been a rough couple of weeks over here.
Stomach bugs, croup, sniffly noses. On one kid it's fine, but add in two more,
and the parents, and we are just a big sack of sorries.
It's the one drawback to my favorite season. School starts and the germs seem to grow exponentially. 

I usually roll with it fairly well, but I got taken down yesterday. It was like a 24 hour sucker punch. The good news (for me) is that my husband has the week off, so I could recoup without sticking the littles in front of the television for 8 straight hours. 

There were some sweet moments, too. 
Lute came to my side four or five times and quietly said, 
"Mama, is there anything I can do for  you?" or
"I'll pray you get better, ok?" and
"Mama, I'm sorry you don't feel well."
My compassionate little four year old; he made my day a little brighter.

As evening came, I felt more like myself and sat down with the boys while they ate dinner.
Lute looked at me with a smile and said, 
"Are you better now?"
"I think so, buddy."
"Ok, so you're not gonna throw up on me or anything?"

Compassion and a little self-concern. 
Can't blame him, I guess. :)


  1. so sorry you've been sick!! awful for mamas:(
    hooray for your compassionate kiddo;)

    praying you're 100% well soon!

  2. thank you, dearie :) things are looking up today!

  3. Aw sweet boy :) Glad you're feeling better!