16 November 2011

be still my heart

I love this boy with all my heart. 
He has more personality than I thought was possible for such a little peanut.
He started laughing like he knew some secret joke practically from birth... and it has brought more joy and laughter into my life than I could ever have hoped for.
He is a snuggler, a nestler, and knows just which crook of my neck to rest his head in.

He just turned two.
And if I think about it too long my heart gets a little achy and my eyes get a little teary.
But then he'll do something, say something, crack himself up... and everything is just as it should be.
I am smitten with this kid... I might be in trouble.

George, you're still my baby. Sorry, it's just the way it's gonna be. 
I'll love you forever, you little punk.


  1. Hi Carina, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I hope you enjoy my projects... I LOVE you blog so much

  2. precious!! happy birthday!
    elijah will be three at christmas, i can barely handle it.

  3. Oh goodness! He is so precious!! Happy birthday! <3