11 October 2011

you are gonna want to read this

Have you ever had an encounter with someone and known that it was probably divine? That's how I felt when I started exchanging emails with Ashley. She was the first to respond when I opened my blog up to sponsors. Not only that, she wanted to help with the adoption. Say what? I was overwhelmed and felt super blessed. She really is an amazing girl.

Today is Bakin' it to the Streets day, which is completely perfect because Ashley has an etsy shop selling her vegan and gluten free cupcake mixes. She has been selling them throughout the Denver area and wanted to broaden her business. 

Here is where it gets even better: she made a special Bakin' it to the Streets cupcake kit and is donating part of every sale right to our adoption! Can you even stand it? You get cupcake mix, frosting mix, sprinkles, liners, and a cute little box to deliver some cupcake cheer. I can't think of anything better!

And today you can be the lucky recipient of some of her fantastic cupcakes because she is giving away one of her mixes!

Just leave a comment to enter. 
Bonus entry if you check out her shop and let us know your favorite item! She is giving 20% off of every purchase to her facebook fans, so go check out her page.

And please stop by Ashley's blog and leave her some love. She deserves it!
how cute are they?
And of course, don't forget to share some treats with someone in need.
 Like maybe some cupcakes?
The boys and I dropped off a plate of cookies for some friends who really do an amazing job serving our community. 
What's your story?


  1. i checked out her etsy shop the other day, and put the bakin' to the streets mix in my favorites. so great! now i'm off to check out her blog...

    p.s. see the tights her baby is wearing? cate is wearing the exact same pair TODAY! that must count for something... :)

    p.s.s. my neighbor went bakin' it right to my front door today with a plate of brownies...pretty awesome!

  2. Yay for Carina, Sugar Mama and for cupcakes! You seriously amaze me.

  3. I did my first Bakin' it to the Streets last week, even if the recipient never received :-)
    Sugar Mama's stuff looks amazing, my favorite thing is the Bakin' it to the Streets package, of course!

  4. What a yummy giveaway!

  5. I checked out her shop and I'm a vanilla cupcake with white icing kind of girl all the way!

  6. SUPER COOL! I am totally buying some, even if I win... :)

  7. Bring it! I love cupcakes!

  8. Carina, I appreciate you stopping by my blog too. Thanks for your comment. Even though we feed the hungry often, your Bakin' It To The Streets is really encouraging and inspirational to me! Love your blog, and those boys of yours are adorable. :)

  9. What a cute little shop. I do like the Bakin' it to the streets package on her shop. Great idea!

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