12 October 2011

two littles

Times are a changin' around here. Seriously, just in the last week my babies (I really need to stop calling them that before they are suddenly 14) have become quite the conversationalists. They've started playing together rather than shouting when one has the toy the other wants (though, let's be honest, still happens). They make each other laugh and can speak in semi-intelligible sentences.

My babies are growing up. 

With my oldest at preschool most mornings, I've had some good quality time just with Eddie and George. I watch them ride their trikes, play with their trains, chase each other through the tunnels, and sit side by side on the steps eating their snacks.
It melts my heart and I catch myself smiling in awe of the bond that I can see forming before my very eyes.
i will sit close to you, eddie, but not so close that you can swipe my pretzels.
Sometimes I attempt pulling out the laptop while they're playing nearby.
Whatever they're doing is suddenly of no interest.
Because the computer means: 
a. Mama is not looking at us.
b. We could be listening to songs about trucks if we get up in Mama's face.
c. Maybe if we're really persistent, she'll let us watch a super awesome monster truck video on youtube that our super awesome Dada showed us. (Thanks, hon.)

 "monstah frucks, pwees mama."

"Hey, whataya guys doing?"

And the child who cannot get enough of his own reflection. 
What can I say?
He knows he's cute.

Yeah, my babies are growing up.
Kinda makes a mama's heart ache.
Definitely time for another, I think.

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  1. My son does the same thing when he see that I have to computer out!

    They are precious! Thanks for sharing with the EtC group. :)

  2. Ha ha! I love the cautious pretzel stealer picture :)

  3. I used to say, "Time for another..." and now I am to the stage of, "If I have another one, will I go insane?" The answer is, most likely. Three kids aged 4 and under is tough. But oh so worth it.

    Your babies are adorable. I mean aaaaaadorable.

  4. sweeeet photos :)

    love your words too!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Sweet little babes!

  6. I just love preschool days when I get to bond with my little one. I'm still waiting for the days when my two really play together, but I know it will happen! Laughed out loud at the laptop scenario. Happens over here all the time, too!

  7. Your children are beautiful! Newest follower stopping by from the Follower Fest. Stop by and give us a visit some time :)