06 October 2011

total randomness.

I am going to confess something to you. I like us magazine. I could tell you it's because I am a hair stylist and so it's like research for my job, but let's be honest... 
They do a little 25 unknown facts series for celebrities, and I am bringing that tradition on over. I am going to kick things off today, and have a few friends share their facts throughout the month of October. It's random, and fun and who doesn't like to talk about themselves?

1. I drink a lot of iced americanos. 
In an effort to save some cash, I drink drip from my coffee pot and it just isn't the same.
2. I have two free drinks coming to me from Starbucks and it's about to get real complicated up in here. Iced americanos are cheap so I am planning on ordering my fall splurge:
two pumps pumpkin spice + soy + chai. It costs $4.49 and I would never spend that much on one drink. 
That is crazy town.
3. When my husband isn't home for dinner, we eat oatmeal. 
Easy peasy and the kids don't fight me.
4. I hate horror movies. 
5. I do not drink milk unless it's in coffee, on my cereal or mixed with chocolate.
6. I eat a lot of chocolate. It is filled with antioxidants so it's ok. Right?
7. I am super excited to be the mama of a girl, but last night I started wanting another boy.
Oh geez.
8. I am weaning myself off of Bravo. But I don't think I'll ever give up Real Housewives.
9. If I could emulate one tv character, it would for sure, without a doubt, be Tammy Taylor. 
10. And my best friend would be Liz Lemon. 
11. I dream of buying everything at Anthropologie.
I usually get everything from Target.
12. I just started thrifting, and I am getting kind of addicted.
13. I want to have something published. 
14. I am currently finishing my basement, stenciling and hand painting my salon floor, organizing an adoption fundraiser, working on three different craft projects, and taking care of my house and my boys. 
15. But I kind of let the laundry go.
16. I need an assistant. I would just settle for someone organizing my brain for me.
And doing the dishes.
17. I've been to 5 of the 7 continents.
 18. I miss overseas travel but the thought of boarding a plane with my kids is enough to tide me over until retirement.
19. Sometimes I text things my kids say to myself so I have a record of it because I can never find my journal.
 (see #16)
20. When I was in 2nd grade, I got a really cute dress for Christmas and couldn't wait to wear it to school. It had a giant cat playing with yarn on it and I wore it with green tights.
Turned out to be a nightgown, which I found out after I had worn it to school.
Kind of a rockstar like that.
21. I couldn't go a day without praying. I've tried and it didn't work out so well.
22. My husband has me halfway convinced to take the plunge into minivan-dom. 
Heaven help me.
23. I dream of a gorgeous, overflowing garden that will feed my family with its abundance.
Of the 12 vegetables I planted this year, two grew.
24. I have a really hard time getting my clothes from the laundry basket to the closet. 
Thankfully, my husband has learned to live with this.
25. I made a cake that earned eleven hundred dollars for my husband's fundraiser this year. WHAT? Here's the recipe.

That's me. Do you have a list to share?
Stay tuned for another from one of my favorite peeps tomorrow!


  1. Only two things grew in my garden too! And the dog ate one of them. Boo for dogs.

  2. You are great! ps: iced white chocolate americanos with room - those are my favorite. mmm.

  3. I love this idea! So fun :). I also drink a lot of Americanos. The only drink I can justify spending money on. Haha.


  4. Wait, I do not remember the dress/nightgown incident. Where was your mother in all of this? Are you sure you didn't dream it? I loved reading all of this!

  5. I laughed about the laundry never making it to the closet.. I completely understand and have currently adopted this lifestyle. Something had to give..

    Hey, at least it's clean. ;)

  6. this is great i love it!!! #20 cracks me up! #24 same here girl!! and the chocolate...its a problem for me! xoxo
    Pieces of Luv

  7. love it all. i do #19 ALL the time. it's the only way things get recorded.