29 October 2011

i really, really like them

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When I say that I love these ladies, I am not even kidding.
Each one is truly amazing to me and I think you'll agree.
Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and spend a few minutes with them.
I think you'll feel blessed.

Hi Loves!

Im Melina from "It Just Feels Right"! Well, Melina if you grew up with me or married me, Betty if I cut your hair, or Mama if you are my daughter, Bailey. I’m a hair stylist by trade, and a writer/mama/wife/carb inhaler by nature. I blog to get my crazy thoughts out there, and find that most of you think the same things I do! (you nut jobs, you!) I’m always striving for honesty, seeking beauty and creativity, and just trying to live a life of love on the way, the rad life that God created me to live. Oh, and I love frozen yogurt. Obviously. <3

Hi there! I'm Ashley and Sugar Mama Bakeshop is my little happy place full of gluten free & vegan cupcake mixes and fun cupcake kits! I also blog about life, love, crafts and cupcakes at gogreeno. Sugar Mama started a little over a year ago when my husband went back to school full time and I was supporting us both with my full time job. ... He lovingly referred to me as his sugar mama so that was my easy choice for a name when I started selling my goodies at a local farmer's market. Now (surprise ;)) I'm really a mama and staying home with miss Lily Belle has given me a chance to start selling my mixes online! I usually have a coupon code for facebook fans... if you're into that kind of thing ;) 

Hi, I'm Rachel! I used to live in a place far away from where I grew up.  I loved it there, met my husband there, (met Carina there, too!) and lived there for many years.  It really began to feel like home.  But I also loved my home state and home town.  So torn, so torn!  A year and a half ago, in a complete whirlwind, my husband, kiddos and I made the move from the West Coast back to the Midwest, to the neighborhood where I was raised.  It's been a fun adventure and, for me, a total time warp.  I recently started a blog that touches on some of the adventures and observations of being back home again after all these years.  Being back in the old 'hood, a mere mile from my childhood home, means my mom and I have been able to embark on some new creative endeavors together, as well.  One of which is a vintage Etsy shop called, Middle Girl Vintage.  We call it that because we both find ourselves right in the smack middle of various things...our projects, our families (big sis, little bro), indecision, and the good ol' USA, for example.  I'd love to have you stop by and join us as we continue on these adventures!  And a big shout out to my wonderful friend Carina and her darling family...I've watched it all unfold before my eyes, and I'm so excited to be watching as exciting things continue to unfold for them all!
{psst! rachel is offering 20% off at her shop with the code "triplep". thanks, rach!}

Hi! My name is Kelsey, and I write a little blog called Everything's Coming Up Roses. I am a 23 year old California girl living in the heart of Seattle. I am a hairstylist by day and crafter/blogger by night. I have an immense love for the little things in life, like a good cup of coffee or rereading a favorite book. I also really enjoy baking, and hanging out with my awesome husband. I love Jesus with all of my heart, and strive daily to show love to people the same way he does. My blog is really a mixture of sorts.  I tend to write a lot about my obsession for fashion and beauty, as well as bits and pieces from my daily life. There’s really nothing like getting to meet new bloggers/friends, so stop on by and say hello!

Have a lovely Sunday, friends. Be blessed!