17 October 2011

{diy} hand painted slippers

Here is how it all began: It's Saturday morning and my husband is trying to think of the perfect gift for his dad's birthday. 
Which is that night. Of course.
Then a thought occurred to him: His grandpa wore a belt everyday with each of his grandkids names stitched into it. Nick loved that belt.
"So do you think you could make something like that?"
I'm artsy-crafty, and I am flattered he has such confidence, but that would be 
a big, fat, resounding no.
I told him I would think of something as we all headed to the mall in hopes of finding the perfect gift.
The idea of the names on the belt was milling around in my brain, and I thought, "well, I could paint something." I didn't want to obligate my debonaire father in law to wear one of my craft projects around his waist out in public, and that is when I thought of slippers.
You can never have too many slippers, amiright?
I shared my idea with Nick and he loved it, and now I am sharing with you!
It's a fun little afternoon project and a cute gift for the grandparents in your life.

Here is what you need:
slippers (suede or microsuede works best), matte fabric paint, a paintbrush (I used a size 1 from a cheapo craft pack), white eyeliner or permanent marker for lettering

I typed each grandkid's name out in some of my favorite fonts to freehand onto the slippers.
Since the slippers were black, I used a permanent marker to write each name and then went over it with fabric paint. You can also use white eyeliner (thanks, google), which can be wiped off with a damp cloth once the paint dries.

I ended up doing two coats so the lettering really popped. Between coats, and when I was finished, I used my hair dryer on the hottest setting for a quick dry.
My research told me to let them dry for 72 hours, but that doesn't work for procrastinating folk like myself.

It was a quick, fun project that I was able to do in the midst of all rambunctious boys and they were a huge hit at the birthday party.
Try it and surprise someone over the holidays with something personal and snuggly!

cupcake giveaway winner is Haley! congrats, friend!