27 October 2011

{diy}: doily love and a wreath

I would first like to say, with some pride, that this craft cost me nothing. Now, this is partially because I have purchased too many supplies in the past for unfinished projects, but still. I started watching Extreme Couponing yesterday and those ladies are some kind of talented - and organized - in a way I will never be, so I get kind of excited about a "free" project.
It started when I opened up our fall decorations bin and there was a naked little wreath right on top. I don't remember where it came from, but there it was and it needed a little love, you know?

I decided to try my hand at paper flowers, and they are a cinch!
I'm not about to attempt teaching you, because there is the most perfect tutorial right here.

I used card stock for a few of the flowers, but the rest are made from grocery bags. 
Reduce, reuse, recycle. 
They worked so much better than the card stock, and hello free! and green!

But here is my favorite part, and where I share my love for doilies with you. 
Can I just say that I seriously adore them? I think they're just about the cutest thing on the planet. Aside from babies.
This is my favorite part of the wreath:

I stenciled some fabric using paper doilies and stamped on one of my favorite verses.
It didn't take very long, and would be a.dorable for baby bunting. Don'tcha think?
Here's how it works.

gather up some fabric, a few paper doilies, a foam brush, some scissors, a pen, and white paint. I used some washable craft paint from my kids supply, but you can use pretty much anything on hand.
I traced the scalloped edge with a ball point pen and cut the fabric to the size I wanted it.

Next, get a little paint on your brush and press your paint lightly all along the edge of the doily. Reposition the doily where the edges meet to join the paint. 
Once the paint is dry, flip it and fold the edge over and press. 

If you're stamping or painting a verse or word or saying on, now's the time. 
Most ink can be heat set with an iron so it becomes permanent.

Get your twine ready and fire up your hot glue gun and add a little at a time, attach the twine, add a little more, attach a little more, and fold the fabric down over the twine all along the way. 
{sorry no photos for all that gluing and folding. don't be sad.}
Lay the fabric face down and flip your wreath over. Wrap the twine around each side a few times, tie a little knot and set the twine with a few dots of hot glue to keep it in place.

And voila! I ripped a little piece of muslin to hang the wreath.
 I think twine would be cute, too.
I love having this verse hanging right in our dining room - a daily reminder to be thankful for all the goodness around us. 
And using doilies for stamping? My mind reels at the possibilities!


  1. omgosh this wreath is so cute! I've gotta make one with those little paper flowers :)

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  3. Ok. THis is amazing-ly fabulous. SO cute and I love how you did it all with what you had. Brilliant and adorable. :)

  4. wait...i have all that stuff! I can do this!
    (thank you for the ideas!)

  5. carina!! love this!! you're so fancy! xo

  6. Found you from FF! I love these paper flowers- I've never seen the paper flowers before. Too cute!

  7. Carina, I adore this wreath. It is gorgeous! I love it.

    Thank you so much for your comment yesterday. You will never know how much your words blessed me when I needed them the most. THANK YOU. :)

  8. i really need to get started on my wreath.

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  9. Toooo love. Those paper Flowers from grocery bags...genius. I love the bunting. Great idea. And by the way I love the name of your blog. Visiting from life made lovely.... And your newest follower.

  10. Oh my gosh!!! LOVE YOUR WREATH!!! Must remember the grocery bag tip. Imagine those on Christmas prezzies!!
    Oh, found you from Life Made Lovely...

  11. You are right, that is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!

  12. beautiful job. i love the verse.

  13. I freaking love this!!! i need to make it!!!


  14. This is sooo cute!! Love the rustic feel of it :)