22 October 2011

blessed and bakin' it

Today was an amazing day.
Today our church youth group hosted a pancake breakfast benefiting our adoption. 
Friends, family, and church goers all came to share breakfast and show their support.
It was humbling, overwhelming, and we are grateful.

The proceeds from the breakfast are making the journey to our baby girl a little bit easier.
Our prayer is that it would all be in God's timing and in His provision, and He is making it happen. Through others generosity of time, finances, and prayer, our little girl will come home just when she is supposed to. 

We don't know who she is, or which city she will be from, or who her birthmother will be.
But God does. 
And we're so excited to meet her.

(if you don't know what bakin' it to the streets is, catch up here.)

We had plans to make pancakes tomorrow with all of the leftover mix and hit the streets on what promises to be a dreary morning. But since we don't have the right containers (as of yet) for a pancake breakfast to go, we're putting that off until next week.

But we are going to get some donuts (my children's lifeblood, just so you know) and take them to the people. I think that may give the boys the clearest understanding of sharing with others in need. I mean, it's donuts. They're a pretty big deal. For the sake of the guilt I feel handing out a such a spike in blood sugar, I am also including fruit. Balance, right?

The next post on Bakin' it to the Streets is going to be on November 11. Will you join us? Do you know someone down on their luck, experiencing loneliness or tragedy, have a neighbor you've never met, know someone who has given of themselves and gone unrecognized? Bring someone a little love, write about it and come back here and link up. Reading your stories makes my day. Take a minute and check out this lovely lady and her blog. She has a heart for the hungry, too. So blessed by her stories.

Let's go love the world together! 
Happy Sunday. 


  1. Hi Carina, I'm praying for your adoption. My sister and I are 10 months apart, she is adopted, and it has always been so dear to my heart. I know you have already been blessed with adoption, and I pray for even more blessings.

    Thank you so much for linking my blog here. I am so inspired by what you do as well. I will link back up with you on your next Bakin It To The Streets. I think the very best thing we can do in all this is to plant the seeds in others, and that is what you are doing here. God Bless you and your caring heart!


  2. She's out there! What great plans He has for your family!

  3. amen. love your bakin' it to the streets...
    praying and praying for your baby, the birthmom and you and your dear family. such an exciting time. praise jesus for his amazing goodness!

    love you, happy new week to you, darling carina.

  4. I love that you put a "name" on this, I bake for people often, but I love that you have branded it sort of, and it's so inspiring, and I hope I can share my bakin it to the streets sometime, love your blog, so inspiring!!! happily newly following

  5. What a beautiful heart you have, Carina! I'm sure you will raise all the money you need soon enough.

  6. excited for your adoption! we plan to adopt our next child...i'm pregnant with our third now.

    baking it to the streets is awesome!!!!

  7. I am really moved by your post and your heart. The whole concept of baking and giving. I love that. I love the support your church is giving you for your adoption needs. WHat a blessing. Thank you for an inspiring post.

  8. One more thing.. I found you from Life Made Lovely and I'm a new follower now. Can't wait to keep reading your story! :)

  9. why have we never "met"? i stopped over from life made lovely. i'm kelly i blog at
    fly with me: www.demasu.blogspot.com

    what a beautiful blessing that your church had a fundraiser for your family. i love to see god at work.

    bakin' it to the streets...LOVE IT!

  10. WOW! that is an amazing blessing...Love how you call it "bakin' it to the streets"
    I will say a prayer for you and your journey...God bless you all...

  11. Bakin it to the streets, this is all kinds of awesome!!! Love your heart for this!!!

  12. thanks to each of you for your words of love! :) we are so excited to meet this little pipsqueak, whoever she is.