20 September 2011

what i wore {#2}

I decided to do another "what I wore wednesday" this week. It was necessary.
I have totally fallen into a rut and needed a swift kick in the boot to get out of the same three outfit rotation I have been in that requires almost no thinking (other than "does this have visible kid stains anywhere?").

I have had a very deep desire to go shopping lately. Fall is just around the bend and I am dreaming of sweaters and jackets and tights and boots and all kinds of cuteness.
But we also have an adoption in the works, and we're trying to save our pennies.
So I decided to shop my closet. And it's a good thing, too, because I have a lot of unworn goodies that just need a little love.

My sweet sister had her second shower for her soon-to-be-babe this weekend and this is what I put together. I love a good reason to spruce things up!

cardigan and top: gap
skirt and tights: target
shoes: nordstrom rack

Now click on over to the Pleated Poppy and join in the fun!
pleated poppy


  1. And you looked beautiful, as always.

  2. really cute outfit! and also, really cute blue wall...where is it?

  3. Very, very cute! A perfect shower outfit if I do say so.

    I can relate to the kid stains.. There's nothing like walking into a meeting and realizing after you walk out that you had a nice slobbery something on the shoulder of your cardigan.

    I've also recently realized that after recieving a fancy shmancy top from my mom and accidently sending it into the dryer with the boys' clothes (ruined!) that it looks like it's only 100% cotton for this mama, I'm afraid. *sigh*


  4. I love your tights! Thank you for your sweet comment at Team Skelley. After reading your blog, I have decided two things- I love your blog and am a new follower, and I am finally going to start a What I Wore feature over at the blog. I have been thinking about it for awhile, but your post and the Pleated Poppy link up party was that final nudge. Thank you! :D

  5. Such a cute skirt!! Popping in from the wiww!!

  6. Very cute!
    I've been eying those tights at Target...I think you just sealed the deal for me!

  7. SO stinkin cute! Those tights are fabulous! Glad you joined in on WIWW :)

  8. Found you via the linky and so glad I did....I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT. Seriously I have to go out and recreate it for myself!

    I think Im gonna stick around and become a follower...lovin meeting all you stylish ladies. NEW FOLLWER.

    Hope you come over to my blogs too!

    Lucky 7 Design
    Mama J and Her Fashionistas

  9. your outfit is cute and I LOVE those tigths

  10. I love that skirt! And I wonder if I could pull off those tights. I might have to try. : )

  11. carina, you doll face! love this look!! very elegant and fun;)


  12. Ah, you guys are the best. And to all of you who mentioned them - the tights are worth trying - just do it! :)

    Rach, the wall is in the salon. I still have most of the gallon left, trying to figure out where to use it next!

  13. Such a cute outfit! Love your tights and those flats!!