16 September 2011

a week in photos.

It's Friday! That means a few things around here. 
no school for the dudes
counting the minutes {296} until my husband is done for the week
catching up on project runway

Aren't you excited? Here we go.

There is this darling little dahlia stand near our house. It's on the honor system - the cute older couple that own the house cut fresh flowers and put them out every morning.
 I love an excuse to stop by.
My mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister this last weekend. I got all these lovelies for the occasion - and for only 10 bucks! And that included a vase. I love a good deal.
Speaking of the shower, this was the dessert table. There are those sugar cookies I mentioned in my last post. 
a.ma.zing. {and dangerous.}

School started this week. The boy was fairly excited about it. Not only because he was going to get to see his best buddy, play with new toys, and get away from his brothers, but because he got some new threads. 
What can I say? He's his mother's son.

 By the time the end of the week rolled around, we needed some one on one time to make up for all those mornings at school - I missed my little sidekick. Hot chocolate and a trip to the pirate park did the trick.

And finally, we met Gramma for a ride on the carousel at the mall. Why ride a horse when there is a giant freaky rooster available?

That's my week. Now, what'd you do?

life rearranged


  1. i spent most of my week in mexico with my sister! so fun! i blogged about all the adventures. . .

    so glad your week was great!

  2. the flowers are gorgeous and the shower looks like it was too! pretty sure that rooster is nightmare material. yikes.


  3. That is a freaky rooster, but I love the dahlia stand!

  4. Wowo never seen a rooster on a merry-go-round!! ha!!

    the flowers are wonderful!!1

    Enjoyed looking around!!!

  5. i love the way lute is winking in his first day of school pic...and i love the way eddie is totally chill on that rooster! they are getting HUGE.

  6. I gotta say... that rooster is a little freaky! And your flowers are beautiful!

  7. That desert table looks AMAZING!