09 September 2011

ok, friday, was else ya got for me?

The day started like it always does: Eddie and George waking up, ready for the day way too early. They get a cup of warm milk and a diaper change and we put them back in their cribs in our vain attempts to get at least a few more minutes of sleep and with feeble hope they may go back to sleep. That happens about once every six weeks. At least those are my very scientific calculations.

As I was coaxing George into a semi-quiet state, I heard a door open and a very proud and exuberant Eddie barrel into the hallway, shouting, "Hey MAMA!"

It was 6:05 AM.

good thing you're cute, kid

All right, I can roll with it. Nick was already at work. I rallied as the four of us made our way downstairs for an early viewing of Jungle Junction. 

Once I was confident our neighbors were awake enough for the loudness to begin, I let the boys into the backyard. I felt proud as I watched them play quietly with each other in the sandbox and went inside to start a load of laundry. When I came back out, there was Eddie with a purple stained mouth, dripping down onto his shirt. 

"Beh-wies!" he announced with pride.

And then I started to panic. There is a heap of wild berries growing in our yard that we cut down at the beginning of summer. And then forgot about. And then they grew back. Since I know nothing about native plants, I had myself a little freak out.

I called poison control and they told me to take a clipping to a garden center, but that it would take hours to see any effects. I (almost literally) threw the boys into their carseats, grabbed my sewing scissors and snipped a branch and flew to the nursery just a few minutes away. 

The verdict: salal berries, which are an edible "survival" berry. Deep breath, thanking the Lord above that my baby will be fine (as long as he doesn't go for strike three today).

We stopped off for a triple espresso before heading home. 

And then I walked in to find the washing machine had leaked all over the basement floor.


  1. like i said, party animals, y'all are!
    glad those were safe berries-praise jesus!
    last summer, while we were getting ready for church one sunday, elijah grabbed a gel air freshener from my bedroom(from way up high, i thought!) he was eating it. FREAKING out we called poison control. "oh he'll just have a tummy ache, the liquid ones would be the ones to be dangerous". whew! crazy kiddos!!

  2. I had to call poison control when my foster son ate hot iron cleaner. The operator informed me that it would not hurt him then asked where I bought it.

  3. Yeah, it was the first poison control call for me - those boys don't know what they do to their mamas!