22 September 2011

making granola bars and hittin' the streets

This past week I have cut way back on the treats around here. See, my friend Patty thought up a fun little challenge for the two of us to get back on track after a summer of overindulgence. I am loving it, apart from the lack of donuts, cupcakes, pizza and candy in my life. This is major problem in light of all that is wrong in the world, isn't it? No, I realize it really isn't. But it does mean that I am not baking (much to the chagrin of the boys in this house), and that means I don't have a big batch of anything to take to the streets at the moment.

BUT tomorrow we will change that. I am going to whip up a batch of these:

I am pretty sure my kids (and husband) could eat an entire batch of these on their own, but tomorrow they will have to share. Armed with these granola bars and a bunch of bananas, the boys and I will make our way out and about tomorrow to share with folks on the streets downtown.

Do you want to join us?

Bakin' it to the Streets is an idea I dreamed up a few months ago. You can read more about it here, and if you want to share something you have a little extra of with someone who could really use a boost, share your story with us. It's a huge encouragement not only to the people you reach out to, but to those of us who read about it, especially me.

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