29 September 2011


Can a baby be lazy? 
Because if so, I think I am in for it with this kid.

Three times today, this is how our conversation went. Lute and Eddie had already made their way downstairs, and I waited (semi)patiently for George to make his descent.
me: Come on, buddy, let's go.
george: Cay-wee you?
me: You want me to carry you?
george: Ok, sure!

So I pick him up and he nestles into the crook of my neck like it's the best place he's ever been. He's my snuggler.
But just until we get to the bottom of the stairs.
"Down now, Mama!" he shouts. 
"So you're using me?" I say.
He smiles that toothy grin that melts me to my core.

He never wants to go up, either. While Lute and Eddie practically race to the top to see who is fastest, George sits on the bottom step, waiting to be carried.
And I do it. Every. Single. Time.

Yeah, that kid has me wrapped around his little finger.
I might be in trouble.


  1. Who would't be wrapped around his finger with such cute eyes! He is DARLING!

  2. I would move in just to carry him around...so stinkin' cute!

  3. What a cutie pie! There's something about little boys...I don't know!

  4. finn is my snuggler, and i admit, i still carry him around sometimes. (the perk is huge arm muscles.)

  5. oh my i am absolutely in love with your blog. I just happened to stumble upon it and have spent the last 30 minutes reading. You have a beautiful family and I hope to have one similar one day, adoption and all.

  6. The "ok, sure" response pretty much melted my heart. My little guy is my snuggler, and I'm probably going to carry him everywhere he wants to go until he has another sibling (someday!). : )

    P.S. Very exciting about your sister and your own expectant state, too!!

  7. Oh dear, but I don't blame you and little person's head on your shoulder is complete bliss.