12 September 2011

it is becoming really real, really quickly

So the big thing hanging over my head with the adoption was our life book, which is the photo book we had to put together that helps the birthmoms choose which family they want to bless with their baby.

It was one of the most time consuming pieces and the final thing we needed to complete before we make it into the waiting pool of families. Our home study was finalized and approved last week (can I get a 'woo hoo!'?), so this was it! And as I may be the biggest procrastinator in all the land, I gave myself a deadline of September 1. 
I finished it on September 7, which isn't too bad... right?

I mailed it off to our caseworker and she gave it the stamp of approval and now I just have to make a bunch of copies and send them out and then... we wait to be chosen! I am nervous, excited, and just a little giddy. The last time we did this it only took 10 weeks. 
I have no idea what the wait is like now, but God does, so I am just praying for His timing in all of it, and that our hearts (and our home) would be ready when the call comes.

Here is a glimpse at some of our book. I loved putting it together, and know God will use it to match us with the perfect little lady.

Pray for us, our baby girl and her birthmother, would you please?
We'd be ever grateful.

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one sweet love

And finally, I am a day late with Bakin' it to the Streets... stay tuned for a post this week!


  1. Yay! I love that you used the photobooth pics!

  2. It looks good! Hoping for good news soon!

  3. Thanks so much, Mel! We love those photos :) Fun memory of your awesome day!

  4. im so excited for you friend! i will be praying hard!

  5. a week after a deadline is still within the deadline, as far as i'm concerned!! :) i'm so excited for the arrival of your little lady. prayers for you all!

  6. Ten weeks, oh my goodness that was fast! I hope that you don't have to wait long this time, either. Sending good thoughts your way! Also, I'm going to bug you on email soon to tell me more about the agency you're using. We're still talking about this over here!

  7. Found your blog through Life Made Lovely...I know exactly how you're feeling! We have just begun our second adoption and I already am getting overwhelmed by unknown of how long or short the wait will be. So thankful that we can trust God with his perfect timing. Excited to start following the rest of your journey.

  8. Sending awesome thoughts your way! Whomever you get will be a blessing and is going to be in such a loving home.

    Good luck!