14 September 2011

feeding the homeless and reason 8,421 that i love my husband

I am way overdue (well, 4 days) for the latest edition of Bakin' it to the Streets. That's a little idea I had awhile back to share food with those in need - a person on the street, a lonely neighbor, a friend having a hard time, volunteering at a nursing home, whoever you want to share with. The boys and I are doing it twice a month and hosting a link up here for you to share your stories. I have gotten great comments, stories from friends and family, and encouragement from a whole lot of folks throughout this little adventure. We are still doing it - and hope you can join us! Read about the details here.

Nick came home from work today after leading a retreat for some of his staff. He had three extra box lunches that had been provided for the event, so he brought them home, walked in the door, and asked if we could all do Bakin' it to the Streets together. I love that man. In the past, it has just been me and the boys, but Nick has been my biggest supporter. Having him along made the experience complete. 

After dinner we got the kids all jammied up and loaded into the car. We said a prayer for the folks we'd meet and headed downtown, dinners in hand. {I also threw in some of the best sugar cookies I've ever had because I needed to get them out of my house. Make them, you will love me.}

if you can get my 4 year old to make a normal face in photos, i will pay you in sugar cookies.

Once in town, Nick immediately saw a man "he felt a tug for" and we pulled over. As the man was crossing the street, Nick rolled down his window and asked if he'd like something to eat. The guy came over happily.

"Hey man, thanks, this is awesome," he said.
"Sure," Nick replied, "No problem."
"You know, I am also trying to sell some weed. Do you guys need any?" he asked eagerly.
"Oh no thanks, we're good.... God bless."

We looked at each other and laughed. That was a new one.
Lute started cracking up.
"That guy was funny!" he said. "He wanted us to buy some WHEAT!"
Yep, buddy, exactly.

We quickly found a few others to give the meals to and it all led to great conversation with the littles on the way home and how sharing with others makes God's heart happy. I think we're gonna save the weed convo for another day.

Now it's your turn! Do you have a story to share?


  1. Do I have a story about what? Wheat? You are amazing, will you adopt me?

  2. Hey Beautiful Mama!

    LOVE your story. Seriously. So amazing.

    Thanks also for stopping by our little bloggity blog. Hope you can come and stay a while.

    I'm curious which ministry you served with in Mexico. My sister works for Genesis Diez in Ensanada. I've also been involved briefly with Door of Faith and Gabrielle House. So cool you've been here as well!


  3. What a wonderful sory! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I am so inspired by this story! :)

    I am hoping to start something like this with my boys soon! We live in a community with a fair amount of homeless people that come out of hiding once in a while to ask for money around our grocery stores and restaurants. Last weekend I was popping into a grocery store (without the kids so I was able to be a little more aware of my surroundings rather than keeping their hands to themselves) and I noticed a man asking people for money.. It's not hard not to recognize it.. so I went in and and came out and sure enough he was waiting by the door to ask me. I didn't have any change on me as I just had my debit card, but I did have a bottle of Ginger Ale with me. So I asked him if he would like to have it and he said yes. He was so thankful and held out his hand for me to shake it - of course I did and I pray that he felt respected. He sat down, opened his pop and waved and smiled at me as I drove away. (Which made me almost get hit by an oncoming car as I wasn't paying much attention to the road - WHOOPS!)

    Anyway, thanks again and thanks for stopping by my blog, too!!

  5. I love every part of this story! You are an inspiration. I'm not a big sugar cookie fan usually, but I'm might just have to try out your recipe and then give them away!

  6. That's really beautiful thing to do, you're an amazing person!

  7. Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies. And thanks for the story, Jordan Anne! It really is fun to do and hopefully does make them feel loved and respected and cared for. Everyone needs that, you know?

  8. p.s. Jessica, I am not really that into sugar cookies either, but these were so good, I am telling you.

  9. amen!! and i love how the kiddos thought the wheat was funny;)

  10. i just CRACKED UP OUT LOUD. Wheat!! HAHAH. This is great. My husband is going to be into this idea when I tell him... when he goes into NYC he buys McDonalds $1 burgers and hands them out. Sweetest man alive.

  11. OMG lol LOVE that story. Thanks for sharing!! And what an AWESOME idea you have going on. Once a week I bake recess snacks for one of our inner city schools downtown and then spend a few hours with a class and it is AMAZING. Friday mornings are one of the highlights of my entire week!

    p.s. Also your newest follower!