08 August 2011

a slight color obsession and a look around the house

I got a sudden burst of decorating energy this last week and rounded up the kids for a trip to Home Depot, where I purchased three gallons of paint. I usually stand staring blankly at the paint samples, plagued with indecision. But nothing motivates quick choices like three little boys who don't want to be strapped into a stroller. I've already painted two out of the three rooms on the list, and I am in love with all of it.

Apparently I have a slight obsession with this smokey purple color. 

This is one of our bathrooms. 
I painted it over a year ago after mixing it again and again,
 since the original was like totally 80's.
(p.s. how cute are those birds?)

This is the current shade on my nails. "Parlez-vous OPI?"
 I fear I've just 'bout used it up. 

Hello, cute Target colander. Why do I love kitchenware so? 
And kitchenware + smokey purple = forget about it.

This is our bedroom. I used the same color as the bathroom, but with this lighting, it was much more palatable. And please note Nick's pillow:

I find these everywhere. This is leftover from my attempt to get my eldest to play while I caught a few more minutes of sleep this morning. 
Four year olds are like alarm clocks without a snooze button that can just reach out and poke you incessantly until you wake up. 
Good thing they're cute.

And finally, room #1 makeover of the week:

I love this shade. It's what I was going for in the other two rooms.
(Behr paint: Contessa, if you're into the details)
After just a couple hours of not-really-hard work, the room is 
so much cozier and more inviting. 

Stay tuned for room makeover #2 later this week!
 And I promise no more purple. I think I got it worked out of my system.


  1. I have that nail polish, and use it all the time! It seriously is one of my favs.

  2. Wow, how do you find the time with 3 little ones running around? More important... how do you keep them out of the paint? I love how the purple paint makes the green curtains stand out more! Happy Painting!

  3. I have to say I am not a purple person but this is a great color. My recent color obsession is orange. I am trying really hard to find a room in my house I think can pull it off but so far I am lacking that spark. (Maybe that's a good thing! Ha!)

    Stopping by from SITS.

  4. Purple is the color of creativity!

  5. Love the paint color AND the nail polish! It is amazing the difference a can of paint can make in ones life!

  6. Wow it looks great. and I love that colander. I love kitchen stuff too - it's an addiction.

  7. i like the color .. and that's one of my favorite color ..

  8. @Caren: I do it at night when they are tucked away. Thankfully, I find it relaxing rather than a chore, so it's my outlet. AND I have Glee on in the background so that helps :)

    @Kelsey: you are the nail polish queen!