05 August 2011

new and fancy

Earlier this year I was clicking around on some blogs and happened upon one I instantly fell in love with. First, because it was super cute, and then because the girl behind it struck me as pretty awesome.

She is a mother to two little men and she loves Jesus. She blogs about just about everything, but the latest thing (which happens to be very close to my heart) is adoption!
She and her sweet family are starting the process to welcome a new little baby into their arms some time soon. We started emailing and in the midst of it, I told her how darn cute I thought her design was. 
So guess what?
She was kind enough to ask me a few questions and do a little redesign, and can I just tell you:

I feel very fancy and official.
So if you have a few minutes and you're looking for something fun, encouraging and just plain adorable - check out Danielle's blog below.

take heart