16 August 2011

my very first "what i wore wednesday"

I started reading a blog awhile back called The Pleated Poppy. As a homeschooling mom of three, Lindsey wanted to have the motivation to get out of what my friend Patty calls "the mom uniform". So every Wednesday she posts what she wore to keep herself accountable and asks others to jump on board with her. I have worked up the nerve for about a month to even take my photo, because I kind of feel like a doofus posing for the camera. 
(Even though I love looking at other people's posts as inspiration!)
Then last week she changed the challenge to not only get dressed like you're actually leaving the house, but to take it a step further and mix up prints for something new.
Since everything I own is gray, black, green or gray, this was a challenge.

So here it is, folks. I am finally joining the party!

cardigan: old navy
flower pin: lovely little whimsy (hint, hint)
dress: target (75% off rack, thankyaverymuch)

And puhlease, notice that carpet on my stairs. Inspired by another blog I found this week that I can't stop looking at, I am ripping that business up as soon as possible.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Super cute! Welcome to WIWW! Love the print on that dress!

  2. What a great idea! You are absolutely adorable!

    When I was homeschooling I wore that "Mom Uniform" all too well.

  3. So fun! Good to see you on WIWW!:)

  4. Welcome to WIWW. You look great!

  5. Cute!! I love The Pleated Poppy! I should totally get on board with posting my outfit too...although that's kinda scary to me which is funny since so many people see me during the day.

  6. adorable!!
    and i bet the carpet is awesome.
    the color is at least;)

  7. Thanks everyone!
    Hannah, it is awesome in an ironic, retro way. It is not awesome in cuteness.

    Erin, it is scary. Not because of the clothes, but the posing! I need to get over it :)

  8. You look great and welcome to WIWW! :)

  9. Super cute. You'd never know you felt awkward in front of the camera :).

  10. This is a pretty good idea. I was in a real rut as a homeschooling mom, too. My kids attending their first co-ops has made me step up my game.

    You look great.