18 August 2011

my first instafriday

Well, look at me - I am such a joiner this week! First with What I Wore, and now InstaFriday. I just discovered this awesome lady's blog this week and I love it. Her family has an amazing story. Totally worth checking out, folks.

life rearranged

Every Friday she hosts a link up for your week in phone photos. Sounds right up my alley!

We're on "vacation" this week - we took a road trip for my husband's job and are staying in a little condo four hours from where we live. Only four hours with our kids turned into seven. And boy, were they lively! Didn't catch any photos of that action. Lucky you.

breakfast at a really cute local bakery that serves my favorite coffee.
muffins, bagels and cinnamon rolls. 
vacations are a time for carb overload, amiright?

since our day started at 5:45am, i was super duper uper excited for nap time.
so much so, i documented it.
aren't they cute when they sleep?

a little post nap goldish-curious george-brother snuggle session.

we thought a little train ride around the park would be just the thing for some afternoon amusement. see that blurry boy there? he was not keen on sitting even remotely still. 
turns out trains are cooler to look at than to sit on. at least for eddie.

and the world's largest wagon! which is also a slide! 
which almost gave me a heart attack as george nearly catapulted himself from the top!
but he was fine, of course. he is my toughest little dude. 
don't tell his brothers.

And there is more fun to come tomorrow. Lute already has plans for shaved ice, ferris wheels and a carousel ride. 
And definitely, definitely more carbs. 


  1. YAY insta friday! xo
    great photos! the sleeping one makes me melt!
    our four hours are seven too. lord, help.
    AND the trains are the same for elijah-lesson learned:)

  2. vacay carb overload. i'm SOOOO there with you! great pics :)

  3. You and your family are so cute! P.S My son had those monkey pjs too :)

  4. Love this, Carina! You inspired me to do a link up. First EVER! ;) Your pictures are a ton better than mine, since I don't have any little kids to photograph anymore. boohoo. I don't know if I did the link up right though.

  5. This is a FUN idea!! <3 Love it!!

  6. Adorable family! How cool is that giant wagon.

  7. lovely photos, I'm loving the last photo. and the sleeping photo is beyond precious.

    hope you had a lovely and happy weekend.